The Leftovers | Season 1 | Episode 8


TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by Curtis Gwinn & Carlito Rodriguez

Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Patti Levin enters what was once Matt Jamison's church clutching shopping bags. With great precision, she lays out clothing into individual outfits on the floor, checking her work against the pages of a thick binder labeled "M.D." In the Garvey house, Kevin prepares dinner and sets the table with equal precision.

Task finished, Patti pulls an envelope filled with cash from her binder and gives it to Laurie Garvey. She scrawls "Ready?" on a pad and Laurie nods.
Nora Durst sits at the Garvey dining table and subjects herself to a grilling from the girls. Because Aimee asks about the risks that come with her job at the Department of Sudden Departure, Nora assures her she's not in danger. Jill brings up Nora's gun, startling her father who tries to shut the questions down. Nora tells Jill she no longer needs the gun and lets the skeptical teen search her handbag. Jill confirms their guest is unarmed.

"She's still out." - Dean

Kevin wakes from a fitful sleep and finds himself with Dean outside of a hunting cabin in the woods. His confusion increases when he realizes that an unconscious Patti Levin is duct-taped to a chair inside. Kevin flashes back to an encounter with Patti, and his questions about what happened mystify Dean: "This was your idea, asshole." As Dean fills in the blanks -- it was the chief who decided they would go upstate to Cairo -- the two realize Kevin has no memory of the time they've spent together. Back at home, Jill stares at her father's empty bedroom. "Guess you chased him off to her place," says Aimee.

Laurie breaks up a fight between Meg and Rev. Matt Jamison, but cannot get her charge to stay quiet. Inside the Guilty Remnant house, Meg shows Laurie the reverend's latest publication, a pamphlet about Meg. Still talking, Meg agrees to wait for instructions from Patti.

"I don't 'forget.'" - Patti Levin

Kevin and Dean hurry inside the cabin when they hear Patti's chair tip over. To Dean's disgust, Kevin tries to apologize for letting things get out of hand, but Patti spits at his suggestion they forget any of this happened. She has every intention of reporting their actions; Kevin will lose his job and his daughter. Fed up with Patti's taunting, Dean pulls Kevin outside and reminds him they set out on this mission with the intention of hurting Patti.
Aimee tells the Frost twins about dinner with Nora and the search for a gun. Jill is furious when her friend interprets the interrogation as an attempt to cockblock her dad. The two tangle about whether it's possible for people to be OK and the conversation explodes when Jill asks Aimee outright if she slept with her father. "I f**cked the shit out of him on a pile of guns," she retorts.

Laurie challenges Meg to prove she isn't weak and the two go to the Jamison house. Nora, tending to Mary Jamison, is as surprised to see her brother welcome his attacker as Laurie and Meg are surprised to see her. Aware that the Departure hijacked Meg's grief after her mother's death on Oct. 13, Matt accepts Meg's written apology. Nora is unsatisfied with the insincere gesture and brings up her dinner at the Garveys. She tells Laurie she might want to apologize to Jill, too.

"If the lady who lost her family is lying about the gun, then no one can ever be OK again." - Adam Frost

Jill and the Frost twins sneak into Nora's house to search for the gun. As the boys debate whether Aimee really slept with Chief Garvey, they come across Nora's Kevlar vest. Jill rifles through Nora's things upstairs and then checks under the bed in Jeremy's room. She finds the gun inside a box of "Trouble" and bursts into tears.

From Cairo, Kevin leaves a heartfelt message for Nora -- "I need you" -- but cuts his call short when he finds five of his missing white Mapleton PD shirts nailed to trees in a clearing. The chief tears the shirts down and begins to unleash everything on a tree until his hands are bloody. Kevin tells Dean it's over, but Dean insists they wait a few more minutes, triggering Kevin to run inside: Patti has a bag over her head. Dean rushes in behind Kevin and the two break everything in sight as they fight. Victorious, Kevin rips the bag open and Patti gasps for breath. Dean storms off, muttering "I tried" to an unheard voice.

Meg sits with Laurie outside the church, reveling about how Nora will get hers on Memorial Day. Laurie responds with a slap -- and a command to be quiet. A trailer truck arrives and after getting a look at its cargo, Laurie hands over the cash Patti gave her. A group of Remnants begin unloading the wrapped contents of the truck into the church.

"I hope you feel better." - Aimee

Nora returns home but can't hear Kevin's message -- the playback is garbled with static. Upstairs, she finds the opened box, gun still inside, on her son's bed. Jill returns home just as Aimee heads out with her bags packed; neither apologizes. Now alone, Jill draws a knife from the kitchen and cuts the howling dog loose.

With Patti still missing, Laurie takes command at the Remnant house; the following day will go on as planned. She settles into Patti's seat and flips to Nora Durst's page in the binder but her research is interrupted by a knock on the door. Jill has come to stay.

"Purpose. That's all anybody wants now." - Patti Levin

As Kevin struggles with his next move, Patti tells him not thinking about Oct. 14 is why he's in this mess. She, and the rest of the G.R. think about it all the time, serving as Living Reminders of what everyone wants to forget. The two argue about why Laurie joined the G.R. and Kevin learns his wife confided to Patti about his infidelity. Patti insists that the G.R. gives people something to live for -- and to die for, so Kevin asks about Gladys. Patti, pleased Kevin remembers her name, confirms she was responsible for her death and makes her point: Remnant members won't be forgotten when their time comes. Realizing Patti wants him to follow through and kill her, Kevin cuts her loose. Patti picks up a shard of broken glass when Kevin's back is turned and jams it into her jugular.