Paul and Gina -- Week Eight
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 40

Paul and Gina -- Week Eight

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by:
Davey Holmes

Gina asks Paul how he feels about their sessions with Kate. He thinks some connections were made, but he's not sure what will come of it. He tells her that he thinks Alex killed himself because he couldn't live with going from being a winner to being a murderer. Paul blames himself for his patient's death – pointing out that the pilot asked him specifically whether he should fly – but Gina says no patient can ask a therapist to take a life into his hands. It was Alex's decision. Paul worries that he's not able to help any of his patients – and even the successes he has had, like with Sophie, resulted more from instincts than therapeutic process. When Gina questions whether he feels this way about all his patients or just specific ones, Paul assumes she's talking about Laura. "For two months, you've been saying, 'Laura, Laura, Laura,'" Gina replies. "You're fighting yourself." Maybe love can spark in a therapist's office, she supposes, and suggests that he go to Laura and find out.