Lonely Ghosts
Enlightened | Season 1 | Episode 7

Lonely Ghosts

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Jonathan Demme

Amy has a dream in which people from all different parts of her life are at a party. She chases Levi through the party, and wakes up feeling distressed. She goes over to Levi's house for comfort, and he falls asleep holding her in his arms. When Amy returns home in the morning, Helen is upset she spent the night at Levi's.

Amy arrives to work late and Dougie asks to speak with her in private. He's been promoted to VP and wants her to shape up as he'll be "meeting with top brass about bureaucratic whatnot." He leaves her a pile of work on her desk to finish by the end of the day.

When Amy complains to Tyler, he suggests softening Dougie up by setting him up with Krista's friend Harper. Amy gets Harper's information from Krista, and invites her out to celebrate Dougie's promotion with them at a club. A grateful Dougie gives Amy the weekend to finish her work. Tyler stays late to help Amy and rubs her shoulders to relieve her tension. When he goes in to kiss her, Amy reacts unfavorably, and Tyler leaves, embarrassed.

At the club, Dougie is already drunk when they arrive. To Amy's surprise, Harper is interested in Dougie. Later on, as the group is dancing together, Dougie dances too aggressively with Amy. She pushes him away and tells Harper she'd be an idiot to date him. Amy follows Tyler out of the club and apologizes to him for her reaction at the office and reveals she still has feelings for Levi.

She heads over to Levi's and unloads herself to him. He's moved by her admission and tells her his door is always open, but he's expecting a young girl to come over any minute. Amy goes home, and wishes she weren't sleeping alone.