Now or Never
Enlightened | Season 1 | Episode 2

Now or Never

TV-MA | 26 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Miguel Arteta

Amy returns to work at Abaddon, envisioning a major change for the company as she spearheads their transition to a socially conscious, green corporation. Her daydream is interrupted when Judy from human resources shares that they've found a position for her: She's been assigned to the basement entering data for a program called Cogentiva. She meets her boss Dougie, and the rest of her misfit coworkers. One of them, Tyler, teaches her how to input numbers into the system.

Amy asks Krista to lunch, but her former assistant begs off, saying she's eating at her desk. Amy has an awkward lunch with her co-workers instead, then spots Krista having lunch with Damon and her old colleagues.

Concerned about Levi's lifestyle and drug use, Amy tries to get him to visit the treatment center to get help. Levi takes offense and says he's happy with his life. He thinks she's hanging on by a very thin thread.

Amy prepares a file on the many environmental and social crimes that Abaddon is responsible for and gives it to Judy. She visits Krista and finds out that her old assistant has moved into her old office. When Judy sees the file from Amy, she flips out and tells Amy she's been brought back to work, not cause trouble.

Although she's been rejected by everyone else, Amy grows hopeful when Tyler expresses interest in her self-help book.