Someone Else's Life
Enlightened | Season 1 | Episode 3

Someone Else's Life

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Miguel Arteta

Amy compares her life to Krista's, who is married, expecting and working in her old office. She feels empty. In the morning she receives a bill from the Open Air treatment center for $24,745. Harried, she rushes out and spills coffee on her blouse. Amy invites Krista to lunch, but her former assistant asks to "put a pin in it."

In the Cogentiva office, Omar and Connie argue about Omar's contagious cold, which he's passed on to another coworker. Connie wants him to go home. Amy tries to intervene, but Dougie asserts himself, telling the sick employee to go home and the healthy ones to stay at work.

Talking things over with Tyler, Amy decides to look for work elsewhere. She applies to a number of non-profit organizations and gets an offer to interview at a homeless shelter. At home, Helen encourages Amy to help herself before she helps others.

Amy asks Dougie for permission to leave, but after he says no, she sneaks out anyway. She's moved by the homeless shelter, but realizes she can't afford to live on the $26,000 annual salary it pays. At the office, Tyler tries to cover for her absence, but Dougie doesn't buy it. Between her unkempt appearance and unexplained absence, Dougie starts to believe that Amy might be homeless. She doesn't correct his assumption.

Amy takes Tyler out to lunch and runs into Krista on the way. Krista invites her old boss to lunch, but Amy says she has plans with Tyler and will have to put a pin it.