Burn It Down
Enlightened | Season 1 | Episode 10

Burn It Down

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Mike White
Directed by Miguel Arteta

Levi breaks into Amy and Helen's house in the middle of the night. He's in the midst of a breakdown and tells Amy he's ready to change. Amy tells him to go to Open Air and that he has to leave the next day.

At Abaddon, Amy checks with Damon to see if he's read her research. She asks for a chance to present it to the department, and he agrees to give her 20 minutes at the staff meeting the next day.

Amy unburdens herself to Tyler, and he shares the story about his time in the IT department. He had been helping a co-worker, but when he hacked into her email account, he found out that she thought he was a loser. The co-worker reported his breach of privacy and Tyler was exiled to the Cogentiva program.

Amy walks into Dougie's office to request the 20 minutes away from her desk to present to the Health and Beauty department. Dougie refuses to talk to her without a third party present, so he summons Omar into the office. He denies Amy's request and tells her to take it up with HR if she has a problem.

Amy drops Levi off at the airport and follows him inside to make sure he gets on the plane. Before she leaves, they mouth "I love you" to each other. Amy comes home and embraces Helen.

At the office the next day, Amy sneaks away from Dougie's watchful gaze to make her presentation to Health and Beauty. She makes the case that some of the department's products and vendors are terrible environmental offenders. Janis interrupts the presentation saying, "Our customers expect us to offer them affordable products, not make political statements." Damon cuts Amy off and thanks her for coming.

When she walks out, Amy lingers outside and hears her former co-worker's bashing her. She storms back into the room and tells them, "You guys are the problem." She calls out Damon for accepting kickbacks from the companies they do business with and squeezing the pennies out of everyone else through programs like Cogentiva.

Amy returns to her floor where Dougie is waiting for her. In a meeting with Dougie and Omar, she apologizes for her actions and says it won't happen again. Dougie lets her off with a warning and Amy returns to her desk. She asks Tyler to help her hack into Damon's email so they can take down the company. She gives him the articles she prepared for her presentation, and when Tyler leaves the office, Amy discovers he left him her password to the IT administrator account.

As Amy imagines burning down the office, she searches for the information that will ruin it.