Chapter 11
Eastbound & Down | Season 2 | Episode 5

Chapter 11

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Kenny and Eduardo size each other up: Kenny claims the Lamborghini he stole from Sebastian is his own, and Eduardo counters that he's so rich, he's burying his money in holes in his front yard. While Stevie waits outside, Kenny meets his stepmother, Soledad, along with his dim-witted half-brother, Casper. As Eduardo shows off his ATV-tour business, Kenny feels a connection to his father, and they bond over a shared ability to get off on riding badass vehicles. Kenny opens up to Eduardo and comes clean about stealing the car. When Kenny expresses an interest in staying with his father, Stevie admits to lying about April marrying Cutler. The next day, Kenny, Eduardo, Stevie and Casper share a joint, and the police show up. Eduardo has turned in Kenny and Stevie for stealing the car, and they're hauled off to Mexican jail.

In jail, Stevie comforts a heartbroken Kenny. Soledad shows up to bail them out and tell Kenny that Eduardo has been lying about everything; the money and the ATVs are all hers. She tells Kenny she's going to leave Eduardo and grabs his crotch. Eduardo offers his son a weak apology, and Kenny and Stevie drive off. At a gas station, Kenny picks up a pay-phone and leaves a message for April: "I'm coming for you."