Chapter 7
Eastbound & Down | Season 2 | Episode 1

Chapter 7

TV-MA | 29 MIN

In Copales, Mexico a corn-rowed Kenny Powers takes bets on his prized fighting cock "Big Red." When a local gambler can't afford to pay, Kenny, who has assumed the identity of "Steve," takes the man's jackass instead. While living it up with his new sidekicks Aaron and Hector, a mouthy midget and a mute brute, Kenny briefly wonders about the life he left behind to live in a dumpy Mexican apartment.

Kenny and his guys visit a club where the performer, Vida, shakes her magnificent ass for the crowd as she sings. Afterward, Kenny approaches her outside the club, looking to follow-up on their one-night stand, but she doesn't seem interested. He checks out the hapless local baseball team, Los Charros, and after another embarrassing loss, the team's manager, Roger, recognizes Kenny in the parking lot and approaches him. Kenny pretends not to know what Roger is talking about, maintaining his cover as Steve the Cockfighter.

In his next fight, Big Red gets taken out. After Kenny buries and eulogizes his bird, Aaron and Hector turn on him and take him for all he has (a little bit of cash and a truck loaded with cocks). Feeling dejected, Kenny has dinner with his neighbor's family and is moved by Catuey's prayer. Kenny comes clean about his identity, taking out his corn-rows, and the next day, Kenny rides his moped onto the Charros practice field. He calls a team meeting and lets everyone know: Kenny Powers is back, and he's joining the Charros.