Chapter 13
Eastbound & Down | Season 2 | Episode 7

Chapter 13

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Kenny and Stevie are driving through the border with Maria hiding in the back. When they're stopped by border security, Kenny uses his celebrity status to get through. Back in Shelby, Kenny leaves Stevie and Maria in their home to go reclaim April.

Kenny stops by his brother's house to reconnect with Dustin and his family. He makes his way to the middle school, stands on top of a crowded lunch table and declares his love for April. Unfortunately, Cutler informs him that April no longer works at the school; she's a realtor now. The two men go to visit April at a house she's selling. Kenny is shocked to find out April is very pregnant. She's with Jamie, her black co-worker. Upset, she tells Kenny that she never wants to see him again.

A depressed Kenny finds his discarded jet ski and does coke with his old friend Clegg. At dinner with Dustin and his wife, Kenny realizes he may have mistreated April and gets ready to move on to Myrtle Beach. He visits Stevie to say goodbye. Overwhelmed by the language barrier and Maria's cousins, who have moved into his home, Stevie pleads to go with him. But Kenny refuses him, instead tasking him with delivering his manuscript to April.

As Kenny is saying his final goodbyes to the Powers family, April drives up with news for Kenny. The baby is his. For once, a flabbergasted Kenny has no words. They drive to a Mexican restaurant to catch up and see where life takes them…