Chapter 10
Eastbound & Down | Season 2 | Episode 4

Chapter 10

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Kenny Powers is making the world his bitch. He has the hottest girl, the best drugs and of course, jet skis. The Charros are winning and the crowd loves him for his fastball and his attitude. La Flama Blanca is on fire.

Stevie tries to reopen the Eduardo Sanchez case, but Kenny shuts him down, while providing key information about the mysterious man's whereabouts. When Maria comes by to treat Stevie's wound, she takes off her clothes and they kiss passionately. At the stadium, Kenny enters the game on his jackass and is promptly ejected.

Kenny brings Vida to Sebastian's house to record a song in his studio. During the production of Vida's not-so-subtle "I Wanna Be By Myself," Kenny asserts himself in the studio, even adding his own remix track. Later that night, Kenny brings Vida's son Tony over to the studio to find out what she's been up to. Kenny sees her behind the glass and storms inside, only to find Sebastian going down on her. Tony flees in horror, while Kenny screams at Vida, calling her "a whore with a regular old whore's heart." He locks her in the booth with Sebastian and smashes the studio.

Kenny returns home and finds Stevie and Maria having sex on the couch. Still angry, he forces Stevie to break up with her. Despite being benched by Roger, Kenny shows up at the Charros game drunk. He takes the mound, pulls a soccer ball from under his shirt, tosses it in the air and shoots it with his revolver.

At Catuey's house, Stevie has news for Kenny— he's found Eduardo Sanchez. They steal Sebastian's Lamborghini and drive to a town 100 miles east. Eduardo sees Kenny and greets him. Kenny responds, "Hello, Pop."