Chapter 8
Eastbound & Down | Season 2 | Episode 2

Chapter 8

TV-MA | 29 MIN

In El Paso, the real Stevie has sex with a prostitute who Kenny has visited before. Back in Mexico, Kenny practices with the Charros. The team's owner, Sebastian, invites Kenny into his palatial home, where the two men bond over their shared love of money and racism, and Sebastian promises to make Kenny's debut a spectacle.

Kenny returns home to find Stevie waiting in his apartment. Startled, Kenny shoots him in the leg and then enlists Catuey's sister-in-law, Maria, to dress the wound. When Stevie comes to, he explains that he followed the "clues" that Kenny had charged to Stevie's credit card. The two visit a strip club, where Stevie drops the news that April got married to Cutler back in North Carolina. Kenny pretends not to care, but when he sees Vida on the way home, he expresses his devastation by coming clean about his identity. Kenny says he'll take care of the extremely trashed Stevie, who wakes up the next morning in the back of a truck headed to America.

At the Charros game, Kenny isn't in the bullpen. Roger finds him moping in the locker room and gives a motivational speech that fires Kenny up. With fireworks going off and an American flag draped across his shoulders, Kenny makes his entrance into the game and throws three fastballs for three strikes. "Estas f**king afuera."

After Kenny's performance, the fans barely react. Stevie shows up after the game (a bit worse for wear after hitching his way back to Mexico) and pleads to be a part of his idol's Mexican adventure. Kenny agrees to have him.