Next Day
Divorce | Season 1 | Episode 2

Next Day

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Written by Sharon Horgan & Paul Simms
Directed by Jesse Peretz

Locked out, Frances tries to get Robert's attention by throwing stones at the bedroom window. Lila discovers her mom behaving strangely and lets her inside. Frances grabs her husband to talk, but Robert ushers Frances on to the porch and shuts the door on her. Stuck outside again, Frances tells Robert, "I made an awful mistake."

Frances makes up a story for the kids about where she's been, only to learn it differs from Robert's. "He said you were at Dallas's house tying one on and you didn't come home because it's not good to drive drunk," explains Lila. Frances backpedals and tries to turn Robert's explanation into a teachable moment.

"You packed a mini suitcase and a grocery bag full of bras." - Frances

After she puts the kids on the bus, Frances realizes Robert locked her out without her purse and phone. Frances retreats to a neighbor's house to call him, and loses her cool in front of their kids when he barely communicates. She finds her things in the trash and runs to a meeting with her impatient real estate agent.

Unable to pull the trigger on her dream gallery space, Frances heads to the hospital to join Dallas in visiting Diane and a still-unconscious Nick. Frances tells Diane she is having a hard time and instantly regrets making the visit about herself. Barreling into the room with a handful of sad flowers, Robert places them on the bedside table. He takes Nick's hand and tells his comatose buddy he can relate: "It seems like it's open season on men around here." Dallas tries to reason with Robert and inadvertently reveals to Diane that Frances had an affair. After posing some vulgar scenarios to Frances's friends, Robert storms off.

Frances corners Robert to plan their next steps but learns he is planning on telling the children about the divorce that afternoon. When Frances returns to get her purse, Dallas tells her to take Diane's dog because it is exacerbating her son's allergies. Frances races to the kids' school, dog in the back seat, to pick them up before Robert can.

Robert tries to usher Tom and Lila into his truck, but the kids notice the dog in Frances's car and are overcome with joy. With the kids distracted by the dog at home, Frances and Robert agree to talk about their future. Frances admits the affair meant nothing to her, and they resolve to resume the conversation another time.

With the dog and Lila sharing her bed, Frances reassures her daughter "Everything's gonna be OK." In the next room, Robert pulls up his laptop and searches "Julian Columbia Professor Granola."