Divorce | Season 1 | Episode 8


TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Hayes Davenport
Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller

Robert exercises in his renovation home and Frances cleans out his office for a reading room. At a Sotheby's auction, Frances is introduced to the vice chairman by her friend Courtney and is told they're looking for someone like Frances to fill a VP-level events planner position. Inspired, Frances throws her own hat into the ring. The vice chair agrees to consider it.

Diane bathes Nick and he tells her she would make a great mom; he thinks they should reconsider adoption, unnerving Diane.

Frances gets good news from Sotheby's and shares it with Dallas, who is driving with her. Passing the church, they spot Robert standing outside with the kids, confounding Frances. She calls Robert, now with the kids at the archery range, and Robert puts Tom on the phone. Tom tells her church "was pretty fun" and hangs up before she can get other questions out.

Robert embraces the role of fun dad, and Frances returns home to find him setting up a snake tank in her new reading room. The kids want to keep the snake and Frances tells Robert they need to make parenting decisions together. Robert reveals "the big guy," God, has been a good friend to him and Frances mentions her job offer. The two agree to amicably co-parent.

"I am really not happy that he's so happy." - Frances

Dallas listens to Frances complain about Robert's demeanor when Cole's girlfriend, Riley, walks into the room wearing Cole's boxers. "She's a slut," Dallas sneers, as Frances gives her details about her new job. Dallas warns Frances if she takes the job before she's divorced, Robert will get half of her new income. Frances calls Max who corroborates Dallas's claim.

Frances arrives at Sotheby's to ask her start date be deferred, offering to work for free until her divorce is finalized. Courtney and the vice-chair both disapprove of the idea, and she is ushered out.

At church coffee hour, Robert tells his new friends it's tough to be OK considering how his soon-to-be ex "spread it for another guy." His strong language offends the polite churchgoers.

Frances calls Courtney to pass on the job offer and promises to continue the executive search. Courtney informs her they'll retain another firm to find a candidate, hanging up on Frances's attempts at damage control.

"I'm Robert DuFresne. You f**ked my wife." - Robert

Robert attends one of Julian's art history lectures, raising his hand to ask a question. He suggests the artist only saw his female subjects as "tools," projecting his thoughts about Julian onto the artist. The room laughs and Julian sweats, aware of who Robert is. Class dismissed, Robert remains and places a handgun in the confused professor's hand. Robert then forgives and embraces him before walking away.

Frances sits down with a book in her new reading room and is irritated by the incessant buzz of the snake tank. At his house, Robert takes a syringe out of the fridge and injects himself with testosterone. After Tom helps her move the snake tank out of the room, Frances slips off her wedding ring and relaxes with her book.