Divorce | Season 1 | Episode 3


TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Sharon Horgan & Paul Simms
Directed by Jesse Peretz

Frances sits down with a client interested in exploring new career options. Listening to him speak about a fresh start, Frances projects her personal problems onto him. "Doesn't it make more sense," she asks, "to hold onto what you've got?"

Anxious to sell one of his remodeled homes, Robert parades around the open house, pretending to be an enthusiastic buyer. When the real estate agent asks him to leave, he unsuccessfully puts the moves on her and is ushered out.

Robert checks in for his couples counselling appointment with Frances, and flirts with the receptionist. "Call me Rob," he suggests before awkwardly conceding nobody calls him Rob.

In their session, Frances attempts to regain Robert's trust and reluctantly offers up details of her affair. Robert asks Frances how many times she had sex with Julian and she responds, "around 30, 32..." – far above what Robert expected. They leave the session with their issues unresolved.

"So your children are half monster, you'll raise them human." - Dallas

Frances begins to work on her gallery space and Dallas speaks her mind about Robert: "You need to destroy him before he destroys you."

Robert attempts to befriend his contractor and construction workers, but gets a little too personal; Gabriel, one of the workers, offers to help Robert get a gun to help with his marital troubles. Robert politely declines the offer.

Coexistence proves to be difficult as Robert attempts to create an entire apartment out of Lila's small bedroom. He leaves his dirty dishes in the hall for Frances to clean up and blasts his music like a teenager. In an effort to get her room back, Lila gives Hannah a bath since she believes Robert is sleeping there because of his allergies.

In their next therapy session, Robert tells Frances he's had opportunities to cheat in the past. When he brings up his college "study-buddy," Kathy DeSantis, Frances recognizes the signs of an emotional affair. "It was not an affair! We didn't f**k," he exclaims, misunderstanding the nature of an emotional affair. He admits the relationship ended because of 9/11.

"Gotta remember, Diane attacked us with a handgun." - Robert

Taking advantage of his captive audience, Robert complains to the still-comatose Nick about his marriage woes, and is surprised to hear his friend mutter, "Robert, please shut up." Upon hearing Nick is awake, Diane barrels through the hospital to her husband who instantly forgives her. Robert tries to remind Nick he should be angry, but Nick doesn't let him ruin the moment.

Robert and Frances sit in the waiting room of their therapist's office and Frances tells Robert she's going to sign the lease for her gallery. Robert challenges her decision, prompting Frances to realize they're wasting their time with counseling. They leave before their session, and that night Robert packs his truck. The two agree to try to separate without lawyers.