Divorce | Season 1 | Episode 10


TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by Hayes Davenport & Sharon Horgan & Adam Resnick & Tom Scharpling & Paul Simms
Directed by Jesse Peretz

Robert pitches FunSpace USA to a group of potential investors, and Nick admits the idea is good: "This is not me being nice. This is me looking to make some money."

Tom and Lila stand outside their school, unsure of how they're getting home. As the bus leaves, Tom remains convinced that it's their dad's day and he will be coming to pick them up. Lila pulls out a crumpled custody chart, and they both realize they should have gotten on the bus. Tom begins walking home with Lila following.

"It's gonna get uglier before it gets any prettier." - Elaine Campbell

Uneasy about how Elaine handled filing for the divorce, Frances asks that she not humiliate Robert in front of their children again. They agree to start by getting the financial situation under control.

Tom and Lila walk home through a parking lot, and Lila stops, convinced they are going the wrong way. A nervous Tom leaves her behind, she runs after him and a car backs into her. Frances and Robert meet the kids at the hospital, and the relieved parents forget their differences for a moment to comfort their children.

A little boy stops Diane as she is grocery shopping, thinking she is his mother. The child tells Diane his mom looks like she does, and when Diane finally finds the mother, she is distraught to discover the mom is overweight: "That's what you think I look like?"

The next day, Robert hosts a signing party with the investors for FunSpace. As they're about to sign, George interrupts, telling Robert his assets have been frozen.

At Frances' gallery opening, Diane tells Nick that her grocery store experience reaffirmed her aversion to having children. Gathering the crowd's attention, Dallas reads the New York Times piece on the gallery and toasts Frances, who is thrilled to have realized her dream. Frances finally admits to her father that she was the one who had the affair, and Julian shows up, revealing he is not over her.

"Hey, Robert. Don't do anything stupid." - Tony Silvercreek

While on a date, Silvercreek assures Robert he will figure out the issue with his assets Monday morning. He unsuccessfully counsels Robert against confronting Frances. Robert stops by the opening and congratulates Frances on her success. They kiss, both unsure of what it means. That night, Robert calls, and Frances asks if she can take the kids skiing, although it is technically his weekend. Robert agrees and tells her "a ski trip would be good for them." Robert hangs up the phone and makes a mess of his rental property.

As Frances drives the kids upstate, Robert lies facedown on his mattress and presses "call" on his phone: A 911 operator picks up. Frances notices flashing lights in the rearview mirror. The officer asks Frances to step out of the car, telling her she's not authorized to have custody of the kids. As the officers wait with Tom and Lila, Frances calls Robert: "You have made a terrible, awful, irreparable mistake. And you've lost, Robert. You have lost everything now."