Another Party
Divorce | Season 1 | Episode 9

Another Party

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by Gabrielle Allan & Jennifer Crittenden
Directed by Jesse Peretz

Frances runs into a conference room where Max Brodkin, Robert, and Tony Silvercreek sit waiting. She learns Robert hasn't been in touch with the kids because he "just slept for 47 consecutive hours," having been over-prescribed a medication. The meeting begins and Max requests the snake be moved to Robert's apartment; Tony counters with joint custody but Robert acquiesces and agrees to take the reptile full time. When the topic changes to the kids, Silvercreek paints Robert to be the more involved parent.

After the meeting, Brodkin advises Frances to be more involved since "it's less about truth and more about perception." He continues to struggle with his recovery and Frances questions his competence.

Frances goes to a parent meeting at the kids' school and introduces herself to the other moms as "Robert's wife...sort of." The group is clearly fond of Robert. When Frances tries to suggest ideas, they go over poorly. After, she speaks with Janice, the woman Robert slept with, and assures her there will be no weirdness between them.

"There's only one guy here who doesn't look like he cries when he comes." - Dallas

With Tom and Lila in tow, Frances goes to a party at Diane's. Frances spots Tony Silvercreek and asks Robert why he's there. "Well he's my lawyer but he's also become my bro," Robert replies matter-of-factly.

Dallas calls Tony out for being a self-centered pig, and the two flirt madly. Nick asks Robert questions about the Fun Space, stoking hope in Robert. At dinner, Dallas makes eyes at Tony across the table as Diane and Nick announce the gathering is a "recommitment party." They recite vows, but because Diane refuses to toast with water the two begin to argue. Finally, Diane—who has been sober—takes a sip of alcohol.

"I can't have a Tums, under the seat, decomposing, in a brand new Porsche!" - Tony Silvercreek

After dinner, Dallas follows Tony into his Porsche. Parked on the side of the road, they try to get each other off, which proves to be difficult to coordinate. They settle on masturbating, instead. When they drive back to the party, Dallas drops a Tums between the seats of Tony's car and he loses it.

Frances stands outside and watches everyone dance, as she did at Diane's birthday party, and smiles watching Robert dance with Tom and Lila. Frances gets her coat and Robert tries to apologize for Tony's accusations of her negligence. Before she leaves, Frances checks in on Diane who is crying into her drink watching Nick dance with a younger woman.

Uncomfortable with Max's behavior following his stroke, Frances suggests a change. Max recommends lawyer Elaine Campbell, and admits he was considering stepping away from her case anyway. Frances meets with Elaine, who is a shark but an expensive one.

Robert coaches Lila's basketball game as Frances and Tom watch from the stands. After inspiring words from Robert, Lila's team scores, but the celebration is cut short when a process server enters the gym to hand Robert divorce papers. The timing is a surprise to both him and Frances. Frances runs onto the court, and Robert kicks to the papers to the side, earning a technical foul from the referee. The team and crowd look on, horrified.