Crashing Episode 14Crashing Episode 14

Artie Lange Opens Up About the Challenges of Crashing Season 2

By Allie Waxman

The acclaimed comedian speaks about taking on dramatic acting and his character’s growing relationship with Pete.


A comedian who has leaned into telling his story without shying away from the messy parts, Artie Lange found himself faced with a new challenge when approached about Season 2 of Crashing. He admits episode six, “Artie” was difficult to shoot, but not for reasons you may expect. While the episode features his character struggling with sobriety, Lange maintains he made the decision to talk about his substance abuse issues years prior on The Howard Stern Show. “The dramatic acting part [of this episode] was more difficult than the subject matter,” Lange confesses. “It was intense and reminded me of my life, in a lot of ways.”

Despite [the character] Artie’s troubles, he is still a mentor and a friend to Pete in Season 2. “We’re together again as friends. I think we’ve gotten closer in a lot of ways,” comments Lange. “It’s a more affectionate, guy-type relationship. I like that.” Pete meets more comedy mentors and improves his act throughout the season, but his success doesn’t change his dynamic with Artie ‒ a dynamic that’s true to Lange’s real-life persona. “Comics are so bitter,” Lange explains, “they get mad when anyone has success, but I’m not like that.”