Bill Burr
Crashing | Season 2 | Episode 3

Bill Burr

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by: Pete Holmes and Greg Fitzsimmons

Directed by: Ryan McFaul

Pete is released from jail and meets Artie for breakfast. He asks to crash with Artie again and Artie tells him to come to his show that night and he'll figure something out.

At the New School, Joy Behar moderates a Q&A with Artie and Bill Burr. Pete joins Artie and Bill for dinner after the show and explains his complicated relationship with Leif. Artie leaves to smoke and Bill tells Pete there's no way Artie is coming back. When Artie doesn't return, Bill reluctantly agrees to let Pete crash with him.

Bill and Artie drive to Bill's home in New Jersey where they are greeted by Bill's wife and baby. Pete asks to hold the baby and inhales, noting "It's like life, itself." Bill sets Pete up on the pull-out couch and asks him to "guy it up," which he fails to do. They golf the next morning and get to know each other. They talk about abortion and Bill asks to use one of Pete's jokes.

Chicken Wing shows up at Cold Stone and offers to manage Pete. Pete tells him he needs someone with connections and Chicken Wing mentions he only asked because he heard Pete would be opening for Nikki Glaser that summer. After taking in this new information, Chicken Wing agrees to represent him anyway.

Pete watches Bill do a set and films the part where he uses the abortion joke. Thrilled his joke was used, Pete uploads the performance to Instagram where it is covered in a feminist publication, painting Bill as anti-choice. Pete finds Porter at his day job and asks for help scrubbing it from the internet.

After returning to Bill's to retrieve his stuff, Pete is subjected to "guy time" in Bill's man cave. Bill lights a cigar and tells Pete the thing that pissed him off about the article was that someone filmed his set and released it before he got to the point. Increasingly nervous, Pete admits he was the one who filmed the set and apologizes profusely. Bill tells Pete it's no big deal and that it'll blow over in a few days, but Pete still needs to leave to handle his sh*t and beat up Leif. Pete tries to take Bill's advice, but instead greets Leif with a "Hey, buddy."