Pete and Leif
Crashing | Season 2 | Episode 2

Pete and Leif

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by: Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes

Directed by: Ryan McFaul

Pete wakes up in Ali's apartment. He tries to kiss her good morning, which she expertly dodges. As Ali gets ready for work, Pete sits down to pee without closing the door. After ignoring Ali's numerous hints to leave, he makes himself at home in her apartment.

With Ali gone, Pete raids her pantry, makes himself a hangover breakfast and settles in to watch TV. He places a hot casserole on Ali's glass coffee table, cracking it down the middle. Unable to conceal the damage, he waits for Ali to come home so he can explain.

Ali returns and is horrified to find Pete still in her apartment She tells him that just because they had sex does not mean they are in a relationship. She kicks him out and he blurts, "I love you," as she closes the door in his face.

Pete meets Leif at his stand at the farmers market and apologizes for being late. Sensing Pete's tension, Leif rubs healing weed oil onto his forehead, getting him high. They get lunch and Pete tells Leif he had sex and isn't sure how to feel about it: it was his first time using a condom and he feels like he sinned.

They take a walk with no destination in mind, following the signals at the crosswalks. After ambling for a while, they come across an aspiring rapper who tries to persuade them to buy one of his CDs. Pete naively takes the CD and struggles to return it without paying. Leif flips the conversation on the musician, asking about his goals, which convinces him to let them go.

Leif and Pete relax in a park where they play frisbee with two girls. At Leif's suggestion, Pete removes his wedding ring, storing it in Leif's duffle bag. As they lounge with the girls, Pete gets a call from The Dr. Oz Show asking him to do warm-up, and he and Leif rush to the studio.

After Pete warms up the crowd he realizes he left his wedding ring in Leif's bag...which Leif left in the park. They rush back to find a bomb squad investigating the bag because it contains Leif's pressure cooker from the farm stand. Leif won't let Pete talk to the police because he has LSD in his bag.

Leif wrestles to stop Pete and Pete is arrested. The police explode the bag.