Outer Darkness
Big Love | Season 3 | Episode 9

Outer Darkness

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by Eileen Myers
Directed by Michael Lehmann

After a sleepless night watching Wayne and Raymond in bed, Bill makes breakfast while Margene and Barb beg Bill to reach out to Nicki, who's staying at the Big House on the compound with Alby. Meanwhile, Alby and Nicki commiserate about their father and Alby promises to tell his sister everything he has in store for Roman.

Bill imagines a conversation with Don about how much Bill is to blame for the Nicki situation but is interrupted from his reverie by Don himself. Rather than confide about what's going on at home, Bill tells Don some good news - Ted wants to work out a compromise.

Bishop Devery visits Barb at her house along with Stake President Davis. They ask bluntly whether she's living in a polygamous relationship and she admits the truth. They inform her they are considering a disciplinary action.

Hollis Greene approaches Ted and his daughter about the letter. Ted takes refuge in his house as Hollis yells after them, demanding the document.

Margene rambles on about her jewelry business as she drives with Barb, hijacking their trip to Costco to go see Nicki instead. Barb doesn't want to go, but Margene's at the wheel. When Barb and Margene arrive at the compound, Barb tells Nicki she thinks she may be a sociopath and they argue, leaving Nicki alone again with Alby and Lura. When Bill hears, he chastises them for contacting her at all and Barb blurts out that she may be excommunicated from her church and face a disciplinary hearing because of the upheaval Nicki's caused. Bill is stunned. As Barb leaves, Margene nods to Bill and he calls Nicki to arrange to talk.

Bill asks Joey to let Nicki stay with them, but Joey refuses - Nicki was responsible for Roman getting off. Bill insists they'll get Roman; he just needs to be patient. Meanwhile Wanda tries to get Jodean to wear her hair like Kathy did, and the effect upsets Joey.

Barb goes to her mother Nancy and sister Cindy to beg to use one of their temple recommends so she can get into the temple to take her endowments - Barb's life is in crisis and she needs this.

As Bill works on Sarah's car, Scott drives up, having learned about the miscarriage. Ben punches him and Bill sends Sarah inside, banishing Scott in spite of his attempts to explain himself.

As Nicki packs a lunch to meet Bill, Alby confides that he's sold other letters to the Church. A compound farmer comes to Alby, reporting that Roman and the Greenes were at his farm and totaled his truck. J.J. surprises Nicki, explaining he's back for good if he has his way. He asks if she wants to see "her," insisting Nicki won't be recognized. Nicki bolts. When she gets back to her house she walks in on Sarah and Scott in bed together - they thought Nicki wouldn't be there. Barb isn't happy to see Nicki home.

When Bill goes to meet Ted, Jerry is there saying he's happy to make Ted a partner for 10% of the business - Bill should have told him that's what he wanted. Bill is furious at being backed into a corner.

Selma Greene entices Ted and Cindy's daughter Kim Lee into the Greenes' van.

Barb attends the Veil Ceremony inside the temple and is lead into the Celestial Room where Nancy and Cindy wait for her. Realizing this may be the only glimpse she sees of what it will be like to be with her family in the afterlife, Barb breaks down, explaining she's facing a disciplinary hearing the next day. Her mother holds her and Cindy begs her to leave Bill. When Cindy burst out that she didn't want it to come to this, Barb realizes it was her sister who turned her in.

Over breadsticks at Barnigans, Bill tells Nicki he needs to end their marriage. He's found her an apartment. Shocked, Nicki realizes he hasn't discussed the decision with Margene and Barb. She storms back to the house, begging Barb to weigh in on the divorce. But Barb is busy removing every item of Cindy's from her home and reports that it was Cindy who betrayed them. Realizing their lifestyle choice is now causing Barb to be thrown out of the only church she's known, Barb isn't sure if she wants to be married to Nicki anymore. Margene struggles vainly to hold everyone together. As they are arguing Cindy calls with the news that Kim Lee has been kidnapped by the Greenes and is being held for ransom: the letter. But Ted's called the church and they won't release the letter. They race to Ted and Cindy's and Bill vows to do whatever is necessary to get their daughter back. Cindy thanks Barb and apologizes to her, swearing she thought that Barb had no interest in the church any more.

Bill goes to Roman to ask him to help get Kim Lee back from Hollis by talking them into accepting the authenticator's report (proving the letter exists), in lieu of the actual letter. Roman agrees to help if Bill gets Roman's probation lifted, so Bill takes Roman to the DA's office and presents his plan to Ray: Roman will lead them to the Greene's to get the girl back (and give information that could help Ray prosecute the Greenes), in exchange for being able to return to the compound. Ray reluctantly agrees but warns Bill that he and Nicki are being investigated for obstruction of justice.

In the heat of the crisis, Bill and Nicki have sex. Later, Barb spots Bill sitting alone by the pool and shares her nightmare of being cast out into Outer Darkness. Bill consoles her and urges her to have faith.

Alby shows up at Joey's to report that the Greenes were on a farm with Roman and a pickup truck was totaled the night Kathy was killed. Joey and Jodean go to the farm to investigate and Joey kisses her in a moment of weakness. When she runs off and takes off in a truck, a young boy from the farm thinks he's seen a ghost.

Meanwhile Bill announces that Roman has agreed to unseal Nicki from the family. Nicki runs to Barb and Margene begging for help, but Bill won't be talked out of it.

Barb attends her hearing with Margene (who takes notes). Barb confronts them about the letter, stating she believes she and Bill are being punished for trying to bring the truth in the letter to light. When she refuses to repent they excommunicate her, leaving Barb devastated. Nicki waits in the parking lot for Barb and Margene, but they walk past her.

Bill finds Joey still hanging out alone at the farm and Joey says he knows Roman and the Greenes killed Kathy. Bill breaks the news that he's helped Roman cut a deal. Furious, Joey disowns Bill as his brother. Bill slips and falls from the barn rafters and lands on his back, staring into the abyss of the night sky above.