Bill pitches a Mormon-friendly casino, with help from Margene; Barb warms to Ana; Alby has a close call; Nicki uses a block party as her coming-out pulpit.
Bill and Ana test the group-dating waters; Barb ponders her and the family’s future; Sarah pushes Scott away; Lois drives Frank to the brink.
Bill tries to protect Rhonda; Frank finds himself in a bind; Ben escorts Sarah to her senior prom.
After Bill tries to get Alby to break ranks with the Prophet, Roman finally has his day in court.
Barb, Nicki and Margene bicker over living arrangements; Bill barters for a loan approval.
A 2,500-mile pilgrimage to a sacred shrine in New York tests the limits of the Henrickson family bonds.
Nicki faces crises at home and at work; Joey looks to add a new wife; Bill debates how to handle the discovery of a potentially valuable document.
Bill turns up the heat on Roman; Nicki gets the cold shoulder; Margene starts up a new business.
Outer Darkness (Season Three) Nicki stares down an uncertain future; Barb faces excommunication; Bill reconsiders his hard-line position on Roman.
Bill Henrickson mouth open towel on shoulder
In the Season Three Finale, Bill looks to solve a kidnapping while bringing down Roman and the Greenes.
Bill Henrickson Roman Grant in front of car