Chapter Five: Do Your Job
Barry | Season 1 | Episode 5

Chapter Five: Do Your Job

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by: Ben Smith

Directed by: Hiro Mirai

The acting class analyzes the casting list for their Shakespeare showcase. Detective Moss comes in to show the room the screenshot of the shooter who took our the Chechens; she interviews Eric, Jermaine and Barry since they're all tall enough to fit the photo. Barry gives Moss his alibi and she calls Fuches on his burner phones -- it all checks out.

Pazar, Noho Hank, Fuches and Barry discuss the police image and Fuches tries to convince Pazar not to call off the stash house raid. Noho Hank confides in Barry that he's afraid Pazar will him if the raid is canceled because of his lipstick camera.

In an effort to get out of the raid, Barry tells Fuches about Taylor. Instead of calling it off, Fuches tells Barry he and Taylor will do the raid and then he needs to take out Taylor. Barry reluctantly agrees.

Natalie, Barry and Sally work on a scene from Macbeth, and Barry gets defensive when the class suggests that killers are stained forever. His anger building, Barry loses it, questioning, "I've killed people. I should just go blow my brains out?" Cousineau thanks Barry for his service but tells the class, "If you kill outside of war, you're a f*cking psycho. Then you're irredeemable."

Barry and Taylor successfully raid the stash house and Taylor fills his backpack with money. Barry debates killing Taylor but hesitates, instead bringing him to meet Fuches at the hotel.