Chapter Four: Commit ... To You
Barry | Season 1 | Episode 4

Chapter Four: Commit ... To You

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Episode 104: Chapter Four: "Commit…To YOU"
Written by: Sarah Solemani
Directed by: Maggie Carey

Sally creates a Facebook profile for Barry, and he reconnects with an old military buddy, Chris.

Fuches gives Barry info on their next job: raiding the Bolivian stash house. But after Cousineau inspires Barry to take control of his life, he tells Fuches he's out.

Sally prepares for an audition with her agent, Mike Hallman. When she rejects his advances he tells the casting assistant he doesn't represent her and she's sent home.

After a vivid daydream of his future life with Sally, Barry meets her at Natalie's party and gives her a new laptop, since he noticed her screen was cracked. She doesn't accept the gift and walks away to talk to Natalie's "famous" friend, Zach Burrows. Fuches shows up to return the envelope with the stash house info and Barry invites Chris, who comes with two other Marine friends, Vaughan and Taylor. When Barry sees Sally flirting with Zach, he confronts him and tells him Sally is his girl, but Sally tells Barry to back off. Natalie kicks the rowdy Marines out, and Taylor finds Fuches' envelope, telling Barry he wants in.

When she's told he has pertinent information about the Ryan Madison case, Detective Moss agrees to meet Cousineau to discuss. When she arrives at the restaurant he selects, she realizes he intended it to be a date, but reluctantly agrees to stay. When she returns to the station, the techs have unlocked the lipstick camera, which shows a tall indistinguishable figure shooting at the Chechens.