He’s Looking for Some Direction

When a midwestern hit man takes a job in L.A., he discovers a new passion for acting.

What’s Bill Hader Watching?

From Silicon Valley to Going Clear, hear what the Barry star has on his HBO Playlist.

Go Inside the ‘Hit’ Show

The Barry cast and creators take you behind the scenes of the new comedy series starring Bill Hader.

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Barry Cast Day Jobs
The Barry Cast on Their Side-Hustle Stress Levels

The actors reveal their past day jobs and how those gigs stack up on the Barry-ometer when it came to inducing anxiety.

What Makes Barry Tick?

Is it a funny drama or a dark comedy? At the L.A. premiere, the series cast and crew tackled the question.

Barry’s Bill Hader and Alec Berg Bring Their Best to SXSW

Barry's star and showrunner explain how Hader's stage fright inspired the series.

Series premiere. A Midwestern contract killer gets hit with the acting bug while on a job in LA.

Gene encourages his class to channel grief into artistic expression; Barry faces a dilemma.

Barry fulfills an obligation, and comforts Sally after an audition gone awry. The Chechens welcome a hitman legend.
Barry finds that extricating himself from Fuches, and winning Sally's affections, is more difficult than he thought.

Barry looks to hit the reset button with Sally, and finds himself paired with a reckless acquaintance named Taylor.

Season One Finale. Barry vows to give up his life of crime; Moss closes in on an arrest.