Move the Chains
Ballers | Season 1 | Episode 3

Move the Chains

TV-MA | 32 MIN

Written by Evan Reilly
Directed by Julian Farino

Spencer and Joe visit their boss, "Old Man Anderson," on his yacht. They want to make a push to sign more high-income athletes, but they need to borrow his yacht to attract them. "Ask me if you can f**k my wife, you have a better shot," Anderson responds. Spencer convinces him the yacht is necessary, telling his boss, "players love the bling."

In the Miami locker room, Ricky finds his belongings in the cold tub, including his precious Jordans. Ricky pretends to take it all in stride, then goes after Alonzo. They tussle until the other players break it up.

With access to Anderson's yacht, Spencer and Joe host a giant party to lure new clients. When Vernon and Reggie arrive, Vernon encourages Spencer and Reggie to play nice. But as soon as he's out of earshot, Reggie starts up. He thinks Spencer is just using Vernon, while Spencer blames Reggie for Vernon's financial trouble. Reggie tells Spencer he wants one of the three percentage points Spencer gets on the money he handles for Vernon.

Coach leaves the festivities and tells everyone to behave - "I don't want to see anyone on TMZ, or Deadspin, or Page f**king Six." Then the party turns up.

Charles, getting over his nostalgia for his playing days, drinks aggressively and loses his shirt. Joe, meanwhile, finally makes a connection with the players, earning their admiration with his dice skills and partying prowess.

Acting on a tip from Tracy Legette, Spencer tells Ricky the real reason why Alonzo's mad at him: Ricky's been sleeping with his interior decorator, Kara, who happens to be Alonzo's mom. Spencer asks him to break it off, but Ricky doesn't want to. Later when Ricky is below deck with Kara, he realizes there's something weird about their arrangement.

Vernon is about to call it a night when Reggie brings around more girls. They party together, go in the hot tub, and take selfies.

Drunk and deliriously happy, Joe informs Spencer that the night's a success. He's gotten three verbal commitments and created a new slogan: "Anderson Financial: Get rich. Get laid. Have fun."

As Joe goes off to get more drinks, Spencer tracks down Reggie and tells him how it is: Spencer doesn't need to give him anything. Reggie gets under his skin by accusing Spencer of trying to steal his family. When Spencer gets in his face, Reggie falls backwards into the DJ booth, bringing the party to a halt.

Reggie asks the now silent crowd if Spencer is the kind of guy they want handling their money. In a pinch, Spencer suggests to everyone that Reggie's had too many margaritas. He thanks everyone for coming and makes one last pitch for Anderson. Joe follows up in celebration, but accidentally puts his foot in his mouth. As prospective clients playfully hurl him off the deck, Joe screams, "I love this party."