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In the season premiere, Spencer is shaken out of retirement after receiving an offer he can’t refuse; Joe and Lance take a gamble on the future of Sports X; Ricky lands himself in hot water with Charles.

Season 5 Episode 2

Spencer turns to the Anderson brothers for financial help; Joe is tasked with an apology at Sports X; Ricky and Vernon consider new futures off the field.

Season 5 Episode 3

Jason gets caught between competing offers from Spencer and Joe; Vernon has a tryout at an Esports company; Ricky goes back to his partying ways.

Season 5 Episode 4

Spencer makes an unpopular decision; Ricky tries his hand in radio hosting; Joe becomes jealous of Kate’s new connection; Reggie brings Vernon a new deal.

Season 5 Episode 5

Spencer feels the pressure as he fights for Kisan; Ricky’s radio show gets mixed reviews; Charles tries to land a big player; Reggie, Vernon and Lance look to sell Joe on the Esports business.

Season 5 Episode 6

Spencer prepares for his first owner meeting; Charles faces an unexpected health crisis; Vernon, Reggie and Lance try to recruit gamers for their new league.

Spencer and Joe air out their past grievances; Charles weighs a new offer after his health scare; Ricky meets with a Hollywood bigwig.

Season 5 Episode 8

Season finale. Spencer refuses to back down; Joe embraces a new state of mind; Ricky moves forward with a new project; Reggie takes the next step in his career.