Let's Boot and Rally
True Blood | Season 5 | Episode 5

Let's Boot and Rally

TV-MA | 47 MIN

Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by
Angela Robinson

In the throes of passion, Sookie and Alcide retreat to the bedroom... where Sookie vomits on his shoes. The moment is further interrupted by Bill and Eric who have come to enlist her help. They need her to un-glamour Doug, Alcide's employee, who unwittingly helped free Russell Edgington.

Lafayette looks into the mirror and finds the brujo demon looking back at him. Overwhelmed by its presence, he calls out to Jesus for help.

A highly paranoid Eller ties up Terry and Patrick. "Maybe if I kill you, it will forgive me," he says, pointing his gun at Terry. Eller was at the other soldiers' houses when fires broke out in them, and he saw what at first seemed like a hallucination, but was actually an ifrit, a fire spirit, out for vengeance. With that, Terry remembers: The mother of the boy Eller shot was still alive and leveled a curse on them before Terry shot her dead on Patrick's orders.

Jason finds himself in a dream, wearing He-Man pajamas and sitting down with his parents and sister for breakfast. His initial delight turns to horror when his mother starts bleeding - and propositioning him. A ringing phone returns him to the present day. In the Bellefleur mansion, Andy lies naked, oblivious to his own ringing phone until Arlene hustles him awake.

Pam puts Tara to work at the bar at Fangtasia. When a girl offers herself up to Tara, Pam vamp-speeds over and forbids her from feeding in public. Jessica approaches Tara and shares stories of her own baby vamp days. "We can be girlfriends," she offers. Encouraged, Tara shares her own feelings. Jessica tells her it will take time, but it gets better: "The world is wide open to us."

Sookie, Bill, Eric and Alcide go to see Doug. Sookie enters Doug's memory and retraces what happened: A female member of the Authority dug Russell out with her hands. Bill accuses Eric of sharing Russell's whereabouts to Nora, but he denies it.

Salome and Dieter watch as the UV lights hit Nora, who doesn't veer from her convictions, despite the immense pain. Salome finds Roman mourning Chancellor Drew's betrayal next to a relic holding what is believed to be Lilith's blood. Salome warns Roman that it would be a mistake to underestimate the Sanguinistas; he needs to deliver a message to his followers.

Jason and Andy report to the crime scene at Suzanne's, Sam's shifter friend. Jason has a vision of his parents in the same positions as Emory and Suzanne, only with bite marks instead of bullet holes. Jason and Andy trade memories about what happened at the nightclub and Jason breaks the news to Andy - everyone there was a faerie. Reeling from the news that he "f***ed a faerie," Andy vows not to go back; he's got a good thing going with Holly. Interrogating Sam about the murders, he finds out that they're all shifters. Jason and Andy find wooden bullets with silver cores, but Sam tells them standard bullets would have worked on shifters - someone is targeting the supernatural. Digesting everything, Jason realizes that death has always been around them because "the supes have been killin' people and making it look all natural." Later, he goes to visit his parents' grave.

Outside of Fangtasia, Tara spots Hoyt decked out like a 'banger. "People change," he points out before offering himself to her. As Tara feeds hungrily on Hoyt in the bathroom, she is discovered by Jessica, who overhears them from the next stall. Jessica tears Tara off of him and the two young vamps fight.

Terry tells Eller he saw the ifrit too and convinces him they need to be untied: The ifrit wants them all together. Once Patrick is untied, he clocks Eller and praises Terry for his quick thinking - but Terry insists he wasn't lying: "We killed those people and now we got to pay." Terry and Patrick leave the bunker, but Patrick refuses to believe in the hallucination. Imprisoned in the bunker, Eller is visited by the ifrit.

Lafayette wakes up to find Jesus' disembodied head trying to speak to him - but his lips have been sewn together. In her room, Ruby Jean wakes up to find the same head and interpreting its mumbles, begins to shout for her son.

Sam goes to Luna's to let her know about Emory and Suzanne. The two grieve, but when she hears sounds from Emma's room, Luna hustles Sam out. On the porch, he's shot by masked gunmen in a pickup truck. Luna is shot when she goes to see what has happened, and bullets fly again when Emma goes for her mother. Sam tells Emma to run and, as she does, she shifts into a wolf-pup.

Roman gathers his chancellors and another assortment of dignitaries to remind them that mainstreaming is the answer. "If we let our lust for power surpass our common decency" he says, "we doom our souls to damnation." The group kneels before Lilith's remains.

Bill and Eric continue to argue about Nora until Molly calls to inform them that their iStakes have been triggered for dawn. At the asylum where Doug had taken Russell, Sookie refuses to stay outside, aware that she might be their only source of protection. Inside, the group finds rats crawling all over bloodless bodies and terrified prisoners hanging from the ceilings in straitjackets. They finally locate Russell, who welcomes them weakly, "Give it your best shot." Just then, Alcide is pulled from the room.