Whatever I Am, You Made Me
True Blood | Season 5 | Episode 3

Whatever I Am, You Made Me

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Directed by David Petrarca
Written by
Raelle Tucker

In the woods, Tara spots a girl with car trouble and her fangs come out instinctively. After catching a glimpse of her vampire-self in the windshield's reflection, Tara stops short of feeding. She heads to Merlotte's where Sam feeds her a supply of Tru Blood. She makes him promise he won't tell Sookie or Lafayette where she is.

Reeling from the news that Russell Edgington is still alive, the Authority's chancellors debate their options. Aware of the danger that Russell working with the Sanguinista movement presents, Roman instructs Bill and Eric bring him in. He has them harnessed with iStakes, a tool that will let the Authority track them at all times-and kill them remotely. After they leave, Roman meets with the new American Vampire League spokesman-Steve Newlin. Roman is unimpressed by Steve's arrogance, but Salome tells him that Steve will provide them with access to the Fellowship of the Sun. Roman tells Steve not to let him down.

Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask Pam for help with Tara. Pam refuses-she's more worried about not having heard from Eric, and as she points out to Sookie, she's already held up her end of the deal. Pam throws Sookie out, but Sookie has the last word when she unleashes her faerie light on her.

Arlene asks Terry for an explanation for his recent behavior, but all she gets from Terry is that he and Patrick will be leaving town for an indefinite amount of time. Sookie and Lafayette search Merlotte's for Tara. Unable to hide his thoughts, Sam reveals that Tara is asleep in the walk-in freezer. Sookie admits that it was she and Lafayette who turned Tara-it was either that or death. Thinking about his brother, Sam tells Sookie he understands their decision to save Tara's life, "but it's up to her now what she wants to do with it."

Pam remembers the time Eric patronized her brothel, and selected her as his choice. "A good merchant does not compete with her merchandise," she told him. Bill and Lorena were also there, to feed on one of Pam's girls. Eric put a stop to them, and nearly staked Bill, who was only saved by Lorena's pleading. And with Eric watching over her, Pam received an apology, as well as $500 for each girl they drained.

Debbie's parents find out from Alcide their daughter was back to her old habits. Mr. Pelt refuses to believe it and gets angry with Alcide, but his wife takes a softer approach and begs him to be in touch if he hears anything. Andy questions Sookie about Debbie, but Sookie tells him she hasn't seen her in days and that Debbie could be "unpredictable." Although Lafayette is worried about what Andy knows, Sookie assures him that Andy is more concerned about his own rear end-Holly's kids have posted a photo of it online. Andy asks Holly to "go steady" and she says yes.

Jessica goes shopping and cuts down a local boutique owner who tries to flaunt her previous relationship with Jason. When a young man enters the store to pick up an order, a partially-dressed Jessica leaves the dressing room and compliments him on the way he smells. After he runs out of the shop, she gives chase, ending up in an empty meadow. She runs to Jason to report what she just experienced and jumps all over him. Unable to reciprocate, Jason shares that he has a big hole that he's been filling with sex. Jessica offers to listen, and Jason reluctantly accepts her offer.

Hoyt arrives at Fangtasia dressed like a fangbanger and reeking of desperation. Seeing him, Pam flashes back to a night she spent with Eric, when she asked him to turn her. Because Eric refused-"becoming a maker is an eternal commitment"-Pam slashed her wrists with his razor. "Let me walk the world with you," she implored him. "Or watch me die."

Salome takes a walk with Bill and shares some of her story. She isn't the villainess that was depicted in the human Bible, just a girl "with a severely f***ed up family." Salome asks Bill if she can trust him, and the two have sex. Later, Eric goes to Salome's room to thank her for her support. Sitting him down, Salome tells him she was surprised he didn't fight for Nora-Godric once told her the two were related. Salome asks Eric how he could let his sister, her protégé, die? Sensing Eric is still hurt, she offers herself to him and Eric obliges.

Nora endures an interrogation by Rosalyn who drips silver into her blood. But Nora folds when the chancellor offers to activate the iStakes Bill and Eric are sporting. "I believe mainstreaming is an abomination," she confesses as Rosalyn unleashes more silver into her. Salome finds out that Nora has confessed after reporting back to Roman that neither Bill nor Eric is Sanguinista. "Perhaps it's time to consider a change of course," she suggests. "The Sanguinista are organizing against you." Roman tells her not to worry about him and sweeps her into his arms.

Alcide goes to Merlotte's to offer to protect Sookie, but she gives him the cold shoulder. As Sookie assures Alcide there's nothing wrong, Tara goes after Lafayette, and the whole restaurant finds out that Tara has been turned. Lafayette, possessed by a demon, pours bleach into his gumbo; he quickly pours it down the drain when he realizes what he has done. Sookie confesses to Alcide that she killed Debbie, and he is furious that she didn't tell him earlier.

A distraught Tara breaks into a tanning salon and plans to commit suicide under the UV lights. At Fangtasia, Pam senses her progeny is in danger.