The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

Written by Damon Lindelof & Nick Cuse
Directed by Craig Zobel

Kevin and Nora sit together in a tub, and discuss how they want to be disposed of after they die. Nora says she’d like to be cremated; Kevin opts for “stuffed.” Lily cries over the baby monitor, but settles down. Nora agrees she’ll stuff Kevin, but only if he has a beard. The two laugh, and Nora dips Kevin under the water.

Kevin lies underwater, strapped to the seesaw on Grace’s property; a storm looms in the distance. Kevin Sr. wakes from his drug-induced sleep, rouses the others and rushes outside to pull Kevin out of the water. His son confirms his many assignments, and is drowned.

Kevin emerges from the ocean, and is dragged to the beach by a menacing Russian. The man takes out a knife, but is shot before he can do anything. The shooter, Dean, approaches. Kevin leads Dean to a hut where he’s been writing a romance novel. As Dean smashes all of the reflective surfaces, Kevin touches a scar over his heart, understanding he is once again an assassin. The target is the president -- who is about to start an unsanctioned nuclear war. He agrees to the kill, but asks for something in exchange: Grace’s children, Evie and Christopher Sunday. Dean says if he wants to speak with Sunday -- the Prime Minister of Australia -- he’ll have to talk to the boss. Dean hands Kevin an earpiece and a box with his assassin’s suit. Earpiece on, Kevin hears a voice “testing” the equipment; it’s the man Kevin saw on the bridge. He tells Kevin to look in the shard of mirror.

A now-bearded Kevin is suddenly dressed in an all white suit in front of a podium. He addresses the applauding crowd, and it dawns on him: He is the president. Looking into the audience Kevin sees five shoe-less children, and asks Grace’s question: “What happened to them? Someone in your family wants to know.” Liam doesn’t answer because President Garvey has said there is no family.

They are interrupted by Evie holding a bullhorn, singing “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Kevin insists he speak with her, but a Secret Service agent -- Australian Police Chief Kevin Yarborough -- pulls Kevin away for a call with his chief of staff. Ukrainian separatists have taken control of a nuclear submarine; Kevin will be taken to a bunker he can access using his unique biometrics. Secret Service brings Evie to the president’s limo.

Kevin delivers John’s message. Evie rejects the statement, saying her father, mother, and brother were killed in a drone strike Kevin’s administration ordered. Kevin tries to explain Evie was the one killed, but she tells him he’s a simply a puppet. Kevin begins to heave water uncontrollably, and crawls out of the limo window.

On Grace’s property, John pulls Kevin out of the water; the storm has come, and the rain pours down relentlessly.

Inside the house, a shivering Kevin reports back to the group: He delivered John's message; Grace's children didn’t know what happened to their shoes; and he hasn’t reached Sunday yet for Senior. Inside the bathroom, Kevin begins to fill the tub. Michael wonders why Kevin is trying to return; Kevin thinks back to Nora in their tub at home, but doesn’t respond. John protests he shouldn’t go back, while Senior argues the flood has started, and locks the others out of the bathroom. Father and son exchange, “I love yous,” and Senior holds his son under the water.

Back in his white suit, Kevin is cleared to enter the bunker where Secretary of Defense Patti Levin waits for him. Patti shows Kevin the case that will give him remote nuclear launch capability. She places another case to the side without explanation. Kevin hesitates to take them to DEFCON 1 because he needs to make a phone call, angering Patti. Kevin’s bodyguard interrupts: The vice president is here to see him.

Meg walks into the bunker, where Patti shares the plan: To vaporize every person on the planet before the world ends on the Seventh Anniversary. Trying to understand what is being asked of him, Kevin asks Meg to explain the “Fisher Protocol,” which requires Kevin to murder someone. Kevin realizes the volunteer is the assassin version of himself -- his “identical twin brother.”

Kevin verbally takes them to DEFCON 1, cutting off communication and initiating a lockdown. Still needing to reach Sunday, he grabs Patti’s glasses, and uses his reflection to inhabit assassin Kevin. Entering the bunker, assassin Kevin acquires directions to the Communications Room from Meg and shoots her. On the phone with Sunday, Kevin asks for the song to stop the rain, but Christopher says there is no such song. Alarms sound, and Kevin fights off security. He uses a broken computer screen to switch back to President Kevin, and smashes Patti’s glasses to bits.

Patti explains she is here to help Kevin, but questions his desire “to go home.” She suggests he work that out with himself. Secret Service agents bring assassin Kevin inside the room and the two Kevins look at each other, as Patti invokes the Fisher Protocol. Patti hands President Kevin a scalpel. Both Kevins protest, and assassin Kevin wonders why he’d volunteer to be cut open. Patti mentions the romance novel Kevin wrote. She opens the second briefcase, pulling out a red leather-bound book. Kevin reads the final page aloud: A cowardly man dressed in a hero’s uniform, escapes from his lover on a boat. Assassin Kevin tells the President to take the key out of him, so they'll never have to return.

President Kevin straddles his twin, makes a deep incision in his chest, and reaches inside to pull out the key. Covered in blood, President Kevin activates the nukes. He and Patti hold hands as they watch the missiles come.

Kevin wakes up inside the crumbling church in Grace’s yard. He joins his father on the roof of Grace’s home, looking out at the clear, gray sky. Senior explains he climbed up because he was scared, and he’s not ready to descend. The Garvey men ponder the same question: Now what?