G'Day Melbourne

Story by Damon Lindelof
Teleplay by Tamara P. Carter & Haley Harris
Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Kevin and Nora arrive at airport security. Nora has Global Entry, allowing her to use the pre-check line and leave Kevin in regular security without a second glance. Once through, he jokingly asks what she’s smuggling, but she very seriously reveals she has $20,000 strapped to her torso. They remove the duct tape and cash from her body in a bathroom, and passionately have sex. On the plane, Nora tells Kevin about the scam she’s investigating. He wonders what she’ll say if she’s asked why Kevin accompanied her to Australia, and is surprised how quickly she can conjure up a story about their “toxic relationship.”

Unpacking at the hotel, Nora asks if Kevin will look up his father; he says no. She notices he has brought Matt’s book and reads a passage about Kevin and a little girl on the edge of a well. Kevin opens his mouth as if to confess the truth, but is interrupted by Nora’s ringing phone. A woman tells Nora to take a bus to its last stop. Nora grabs her cash, kisses Kevin goodbye, and leaves him in the hotel.

Kevin turns on the television and reads Matt’s book while morning show G’day Melbourne plays in the background. He looks up when he hears a report about two missing Kevins in the area and recognizes one of them as Kevin Garvey, Sr. Kevin sees another familiar face in the crowd gathered by the morning show’s window: Evie Murphy. He rushes to the studio.

While Nora waits for the bus, a young woman approaches to ask if Nora will hold her infant while she interviews for a job. Nora is still holding the baby when the bus arrives. Not wanting to miss it, she hustles to deliver the baby back to the mother and chases down the bus.

Kevin frantically searches for Evie, and follows her down an alleyway. Claiming her name is Daniah Moabizzi, the girl speaks with a slight Middle Eastern accent and insists she has no idea who he is. Overhearing, a stranger approaches to ask what’s going on -- only then does Kevin realize other people can see her. When Kevin gets hostile insisting he knows her, the stranger knocks him out.

In Jarden, Laurie receives a call from a flustered Kevin. He sends her a photo he took of the girl and Laurie confirms it’s Evie. She looks up the name Daniah Moabizzi on her computer and asks Kevin if he saw her at the Melbourne Library. He puts two and two together, and immediately heads there. Evie shows up to talk just as library security approaches.

Nora arrives at an abandoned warehouse. Upstairs, Doctors Bekker and Eden tinker on a piano until they notice her. In Dutch, Bekker comments skeptically that Nora won’t pass the test. Nora undergoes a medical exam, surprised they have her records. The examiner, Bernard, tells Nora they will be simulating the intense period of confinement the device would put her through. Nora lies down in a shipping crate, and the lid is closed over her.

After the physical exam, Nora asks Eden and Bekker why they haven’t gone “through.” Bekker says she doesn’t like the odds; they know they are sending people to the same destination as the Departed, but they have no idea what the environment is. Eden counters this negative outlook by offering that the man who designed the device, Dr. Van Eeghen, was one of the first to use it. Nora assumes they want to ask about Kevin, but Eden says they aren’t worried about him. Instead, her final question is whether she’d kill a child to cure cancer. Nora asks if the twins are hers, or if the child will suffer; she accuses the doctors of planting the mother at the bus stop as a test. Coldly, Nora says she would nod for the child to die, and asks what her next steps are. The doctors inform her she will not be proceeding further. Angry and confused, Nora watches the doctors drive off and screams at the top of her lungs.

Evie tells Kevin she is no longer using her name and doesn’t want her family to know he has seen her. When he asks about her accent, the young woman admits she is not Evie, but told to pretend she was.

Kevin calls Laurie demanding to know what’s going on. She reminds him -- if a person is in the middle of a delusion you don’t tell them. She suggests Kevin look again at the picture. He sees a photo of a young Arabic woman in a hijab. Laurie theorizes Kevin saw Evie because he understood why she left her family, and a part of him wants to escape too. She asks if he and Nora are OK, and Kevin responds by telling her to ask John about the book.

Back at the hotel, Kevin finds Nora seething over her rejection. She calms down enough to see Kevin’s upset, but he’s reluctant to tell her the truth. Nora’s anger resurfaces when she discovers Kevin has been seeking advice from Laurie, and she accuses him of wanting to be the subject of the book Matt is writing. To prove she’s wrong, Kevin lights it on fire. The argument escalates to long simmering topics: Lily, Nora’s victimhood and her departed children. Nora declares she doesn’t want to move past their disappearance, so Kevin suggests she go be with them. The hotel fire alarm goes off, and Kevin leaves.

Outside, a valet tells Kevin there are no cabs due to an explosion. He’s even more shocked when his father pulls up in a truck saying all flights have been grounded. Having seen Kevin on G’day Melbourne, Senior and Grace figured out which hotel he was in and came to get him.

Still in her hotel room, Nora sits in the smoke and sprinkler water, oblivious to it all.