Tech Evangelist
Silicon Valley | Season 5 | Episode 4

Tech Evangelist

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Josh Lieb
Directed by Jamie Babbit

Richard meets with eight web developers, who he affectionately refers to as the "Octopipers," to build and launch their new websites on Pipernet, creating a content foundation before it's open to the public.

After the meeting, Richard finds Jared giddy with excitement. Having sifted through thousands of employee emails — and discovering many an office flirtation — he's identified Jeff is the Hooli mole.

"We need to revise the office dating policy because it is essentially the Olympic village out there." — Jared

The guys ambush Jeff at his apartment and much to Dinesh's chagrin, confront him about spying for Gavin. As Dinesh grapples with his roommate's betrayal, Gilfoyle takes a nail gun to the mole's laptop. Richard explains to Jeff that he signed a nondisclosure agreement and they have the right to fire and sue him. But to keep a competitive edge on Gavin, Richard tells Jeff he's going to stay quiet and keep Gavin in the dark.

While rehearsing his speech for the launch of the Box III, Gavin makes tea and mentions, "the bear is sticky with honey." He departs for Jackson Hole leaving his sycophants to over-analyze his comment. Desperately looking for ways to improve the presentation, they eventually realize he was merely referencing a sticky, bear-shaped honey container.

Laurie and Monica tell Richard and Jared one of Bream-Hall's investments, K-Hole Games, is interested in a Pipernet deal. Richard suggests the Octopipers meet with K-Hole's CEO to help finalize the partnership.

"As long as I own 10 percent of Pied Piper I will cause chaos." — Jian-Yang

As Richard leaves the office, Jian-Yang harasses him about including his "new" Chinese versions of American companies in the Pipernet deal. Richard repeatedly turns him down. To troll the guys, Jian-Yang leaves his Corvette parked across several spaces.

Richard fumbles his introduction of the Octopipers to K-Hole, and accidentally "outs" one of the developers, Deedee, as a Christian — a drastic mistake as religion is a touchy subject in the Valley. Richard desperately tries to smooth things over with Deedee, and is surprised to learn Deedee has made a deal with a previously unknown competitor: Jian-Yang's Chinese version of Pied Piper.

"Would you want to go from a rock band to a Christian rock band?" — Monica

When towing Jian-Yang's abandoned Corvette, Jared discovers it's still registered to Big Head. Jared meets with Big Head who remembers he never legally dissolved the general partnership with Erlich — leaving Big Head as Erlich's next of kin, not Jian-Yang.

The guys go to confront Jian-Yang at the Hacker Hostel only to find the house empty. A note from Jian-Yang informs them he's moved back to China to work on the "new, new internet."