Startup With Silicon Valley

Get up to speed on the highs, lows and many pivots.


During his brief stint as CEO, Dinesh learns about hair gel, blazers and COPPA. Heavy lies the crown, so to speak.


Richard building the new internet with his former rival: Crazy? No, opposite.


Richard fumbles over yet another legal hurdle, while Jared lands deals thanks to his alter-ego “Ed Chambers.”

Season Four Premiere. Richard struggles to embrace Pied Piper's new video-chat app; Erlich faces resistance.
Dinesh and Richard butt heads over PiperChat; Erlich's interest is piqued by Jian-Yang's new app; Gavin grows paranoid.
Richard works tirelessly on his next big idea; Monica sets a trap; Dinesh goes on a date; Big Head heads back to school.

Richard's new alliance worries Jared; Gilfoyle considers whether to put his pride aside; Erlich confronts Jian-Yang about his app.

Richard deals with an unexpected interloper; Dinesh searches for a way out; Monica considers her options.

Richard looks outside the tech bubble for support; Erlich searches for a new endeavor; Jared tries to keep the peace between Dinesh and Gilfoyle.

Richard takes on a patent troll; Gilfoyle battles a smart fridge; Jared embraces multiple identities; Erlich tries to hang with a new crowd.

Richard ponders a deal with the tech world's latest 'it' boy; Jack faces setbacks.
The Pied Piper guys try to pull off a stealth plan at Hooli-Con; Erlich takes a trip to get his mojo back.
Season Four Finale. Richard finds himself in a web of lies; Jared plans his exit; Jack bets big; Gavin plots a comeback.