Need a Refresher?

How did we get here? Catch up on everything that went down in Season 5 before diving into the final season.

The Ultimate Silicon Valley Blooper Reel

Check out all of the hilarious ad libs, jokes and breaks that didn't make it into the show.

Season Premiere. Richard discovers a threat to Pied Piper’s biggest promise, while Jared longs for the past and Gilyfoyle finds a new way to deal with Dinesh.


Richard meets a potential investor with a sketchy past. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle butts heads with HR and Gavin explores a leaner future for Hooli.


The Pied Piper team scrambles to close a major deal while an angry Jared reluctantly helps Richard. Dinesh considers a way to reverse his bad luck.


When Richard’s authority is threatened by his former Hooli manager, Dinesh has just the solution. Jared learns some hard truths about his birth parents.


Richard fumes at Gavin’s new ethical stance while Dinesh’s trip to Hawaii turns into a nightmare.


While the Pied Piper team grapples with a major event that puts PiperNet to the test, Monica confronts Jian-Yang over his use of Pied Piper’s name.


Series finale. Ahead of a career-defining moment, Richard makes a startling discovery that sends the entire Pied Piper team racing to pull off a spectacular feat on the day of a big launch.

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