The Blood Boy
Silicon Valley | Season 4 | Episode 5

The Blood Boy

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Adam Countee
Directed by Tim Roche

Richard, Gilfoyle and Jared meet with Gavin to discuss the launch plan for their new internet. The presentation is underway when Gavin's "transfusion associate," Bryce, arrives to hook himself up to Gavin, something he does to slow Gavin's aging process. Richard is frustrated when Bryce interjects to suggest they pursue a big launch rather than his preferred "stealth roll out" but Gavin favors Bryce's plan. Once Gavin leaves the room, Richard yells at Bryce for steamrolling the presentation and Jared lashes out, calling Bryce a "d**k."

Attending Ed Chen's baby shower for Laurie, Erlich realizes the party is a guise for Ed to cozy up to board members and stage a coup. Erlich warns Monica that she needs to "bro down" or she'll be cut out of the new regime.

On Gavin's instructions, Richard goes to Bryce's apartment to apologize. He finds the place filled with shopping bags from Geary Street Organics. Bryce isn't interested in hearing an apology. He tells Richard off for assuming that someone with a pretty face can't have good ideas.

Dinesh realizes he needs to breakup with Mia because she keeps divulging her involvement in major hacking scandals. He decides to confess he's not the "badass" she imagines him to be. Instead of getting angry learning he didn't intentionally take down Gavin, Mia finds Dinesh's honesty an even bigger draw. In a final attempt to get out of the relationship, Dinesh reports Mia to the FBI and has her arrested at her sister's wedding. Free from the relationship, he quits Periscope and return to his role at Pied Piper.

Taking Erlich's advice, Monica bros down with Ed and successfully secures a place for herself at the new Raviga -- as long as she doesn't say anything to Laurie. Erlich realizes Ed hasn't secured all the votes needed to oust Laurie and warns Monica she may have backed the wrong horse. When Monica informs Laurie of Ed's plans to take over Raviga, she is shocked to discover Laurie is pregnant with her fourth child, and that she is well aware of the coup. Laurie explains she plans to start a new VC firm. Touched by Monica's show of loyalty, Laurie invites her to jump ship as well.

Richard learns from Erlich that Geary Street Organics is a dispensary -- not a health food store. Richard realizes "blood boy" Bryce isn't the pinnacle of health Gavin expects of a transfusion associate. Richard goes to reveal his findings but discovers Gavin has once again trashed his home: Bryce is writing a tell-all and plans to air Gavin's dirty laundry to the world. Richard tries to comfort Gavin, but the ex-CEO is demoralized by the many recent upheavals in his life.

In an effort to rally Gavin's spirits, Richard does an interview with Code/Rag and goes public with the news that he and Gavin are partnering on a new project. Touched by Richard's move, but realizing he'd never do the same were their positions reversed, Gavin decides to go away on a journey of soul searching. He signs over the patent needed to create a decentralized internet and sends the massive portrait of himself to Richard as a parting gift.