The Keenan Vortex
Silicon Valley | Season 4 | Episode 8

The Keenan Vortex

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Graham Wagner and Rachele Lynn
Directed by Jamie Babbit

Erlich moves into his new office at Bream-Hall and meets with Keenan Feldspar who tells him he's made Erlich his key man -- if Erlich is ousted from the firm, Keenan can walk. Erlich tells the guys his news and Jared informs them of a financial hiccup with Melcher: The company has already reached its monthly data limit. Richard calls Melcher who explains the insurance business booms when it gets cold outside. Because Pied Piper is responsible for the overages, Richard proposes finding another customer to pay Melcher's fees and asks Erlich for Feldspar's business.

Meeting secured, Richard and Jared's pitch to Keenan is interrupted by Dinesh and Gilfoyle, who rave about Keenan's VR. Keenan agrees to the data storage deal after Richard tries the VR, and Dinesh and Gilfoyle decide to stay and hang out at Keenan's.

Because of the cold, there's a delay on The Box 2, and Jack is told it will not make the Hooli Con deadline. Barker analyzes videos of Gavin at previous conventions and begs for a miracle.

With new paperwork, Jared and Richard return to Keenan's where they find Dinesh and Gilfoyle in matching pajamas. They show Richard a new and improved VR experience in which Dinesh and Gilfoyle integrated Richard's compression algorithm. Keenan presents Richard with an offer to acquire Pied Piper.

Agonizing over Keenan's offer, Richard laments his future in tech if he sells, and Jared compels him to accept because if he doesn't, he might lose his crew. Richard counters with $25 million, hoping Keenan will reject it. Instead, Keenan announces he has the money because he went to Raviga with the new demo and they tripled Bream-Hall's $20 million deal. In order for Keenan to accept Raviga's offer, Erlich quit his job. The Pied Piper crew and Keenan celebrate at the palapa.

Richard goes to apologize to Monica and tells her about the deal with Keenan. Monica warns him Keenan will probably "f*ck them over." She also reveals they aren't mad about Erlich and Keenan's move because the "tech is dogsh*t"; it only works "when you run it on a $10,000 rig." Richard emails Keenan "no deal" and joins the guys, learning the deal is off the table: Keenan sold his company to Hooli and left Erlich out in the cold.

Richard goes outside to find Erlich sitting in the palapa, which is engulfed in flames. The next morning, still sitting in the charred palapa, Erlich stares off into the distance. They watch a Hooli Con commercial and Richard proposes attending to acquire more customers.