Chief Operating Officer
Silicon Valley | Season 5 | Episode 3

Chief Operating Officer

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Carrie Kemper

Directed by Jamie Babbit

Jared bumps into a former Hooli coworker named Dana, who now runs a billion dollar company. Jared eagerly urges Richard and Dana to connect, claiming the two CEOs have "uncanny" similarities. After a stilted introduction, Dana awkwardly invites both Richard and Jared to a house party.

Strapped for cash due to his Tesla expenses, Dinesh stresses about affording an apartment. Jeff (the Hooli mole) sees an opportunity to get access to insider information about Pied Piper, and agrees to let Dinesh live with him.

At Dana's party, Richard struggles to find a spark with his host. He instead bonds with Dana's charming COO, Ben. The two later meet for lunch, and discover they share many common interests. They embark on an "affair," aware they're meeting behind Dana's back, and toss around the idea of Ben joining Pied Piper as COO. When Dana suddenly shows up at the restaurant, Ben makes a speedy getaway.

"I said I'd get sloshed after one beer, crazy man." — Dinesh

Hanging with his new roomie, Dinesh mentions his poor alcohol tolerance; Jeff promptly starts pouring. Fueled by vodka, Dinesh lets slip that Gilfoyle secretly hacked Seppen smart fridges and stored Pied Piper data on the appliances. Armed with this new information, Gavin approaches the Seppen leadership with a deal: Discounts on data server fees in exchange for suing Pied Piper.

"The complaint specifically sites soiling their smart fridges with mime simulated fellatio." — Jared

The guys are stunned to learn Seppen is suing them for $10 million in damages, but Gilfoyle is immediately skeptical, confident he wiped any trace of his code. Richard schedules another meeting with Ben to get advice on the lawsuit — and to his surprise, he's met by a fuming Dana. It turns out Ben has revealed their illicit meeting and blamed Richard for his betrayal.

Gilfoyle returns to Jian-Yang's incubator to search the smart fridge for any sign of Pied Piper's data. Confirming there's zero trace, he also discovers the fridge has the ability to record and store all conversations on the Cloud without customers' knowledge.

Richard arrives at work to find Jared ready with a plan to outsmart the Seppen lawsuit. Meeting with reps from the smart fridge company, Gilfoyle quickly cuts to the chase and accuses them of illegally wiretapping their customers. To the guys surprise, Seppen shows its hand, revealing Gavin put them up to the lawsuit. Jared offers them a deal: Pied Piper will fix their security issue and update their system to lower server costs in exchange for dropping the lawsuit.

Ben shows up at the office expecting to start as COO, but Richard clarifies he never officially gave him the job and doesn't plan to after his shady treatment of Dana. He instead offers the position to Jared, nearly bringing his faithful employee to tears.