The Club Scene...Literally

By Kindsey Young

Kindsey explains how the writers use their own experiences in order to “keep it real.”


Hey, Insecure fam! In this week’s episode, “Familiar-Like,” you will find Issa attempting help Daniel out by offering to be his wing-woman for the night.

I remember when we were coming up with this club scene in the writers’ room: We wanted it to accurately depict how some club experiences really are. We shared a bunch of our personal annoyances and stories, then used them to make sure the scene felt organic. Some of the things we talked about:

“Somebody guaranteeing you're on the list and then... you're not.” You end up having to do that awkward walk-away, pretending like you’re calling your inside man to handle it. Usually your inside man won’t text back in time to save you of your embarrassment. Everyone in line sees you get rejected. It’s not great. I’ve been there. We see this very thing happen when Daniel gets rejected by the bouncer at the door. Luckily, Issa spots an old friend from high school who lets them walk in with him. The moment was a big ego killer for Daniel.

“Seeing people from your past who think they still know you.” Sometimes at the club you can run into people from your past or people you’d rather not see. Why are you bringing up my job at Target from 11 years ago? You don’t know me anymore! There’s a moment where two girls come up to Daniel asking if he still sells weed, and it really frustrates him. We wanted to include a moment that gave a peek into who Daniel used to be, in comparison to who he’s trying to be now.

“Having to deal with guys trying to ‘shoot their shot.’” For a lot of us women in the room, this was a big one. Of course, you can’t help who approaches you, but sometimes (most times) it’d be so much easier if we could just straight-up avoid the conversation all-together. So, we thought it’d be funny (and accurate) if once Issa accepts a drink from a random guy at the bar, she just ghosts on him right after so he can’t continue to talk to her. Ha! Have I done it before? Maybe.

“Feeling like you need to compete with the next guy/girl.” It’s almost like you’re cool with being average and standing around with general admission… until you see that one person you used to know partying up in VIP. Then it’s like, “I’m not hating or anything, but… that should be me.” The writers brought this into the scene when Daniel stood with the ‘regular’ crowd, while an awkward Issa, Khalil and his music crew were at a VIP table.

“There’s always something…” People like getting rowdy and hype in the club: makes sense. But sometimes, one wrong move and it can turn into a full out brawl. Something we discussed in the writers’ room is the stereotypical association urban clubs have with violence and shootings. We went back and forth about keeping it, and then decided to use the shooting as a trigger for both Issa and Daniel. The shock of the incident resulted in them both letting their guards down with each other.

Talking about this club scene in the room was a lot fun to do. Actually hitting the club scene... not so much. With that being said, you likely won’t find me in the klerb, but you can find me back here next week with another blog post. And no worries, I put all of you on the list.

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