Shady as F**k
Insecure | Season 1 | Episode 5

Shady as F**k

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Ben Dougan
Directed by Melina Matsoukas

Issa shows Lawrence the "Broken Pu**y" video, freaked that it will undermine her authority at school. He tells her not to worry; the kids will have forgotten about it by Monday. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

Molly wakes up with her new beau, Chris and invites him to attend Diane's engagement party with her. He suggests playing it by ear, but when Molly presses he agrees to go.

Issa visits Molly at work to see if she can help get the video taken down. Molly says she'll call Jared to see if his brother might know who posted it. On the phone, Jared overhears Diane ask Molly, "Is that Chris?" He says he'll ask his brother, and hangs up, disappointed.

Out for chicken and waffles, Chad tells Lawrence he's engaged. He asks why it's taking Lawrence so long to "get his s**t together."

Issa meets up with Daniel at the studio to see if he might know who put the video up. He says he'll look into it, and invites her in to wait out the traffic. She's not impressed by the atmosphere, but takes a seat.

Molly gets ready for the engagement party, and Chris texts her he's running late. She heads to the party alone, telling her friends Chris probably won't make it. Surprising her, Chris arrives and introduces himself as Molly's new boyfriend. When she asks him later if he meant it, he says he was just trying to help -- "I just got the sense that … you really needed a win." She tells him to leave.

Not in her usual work attire, Tasha pops into Best Buy on the pretense of needing batteries. She asks if he'd like to go out with her after work. Lawrence reminds her he has a girlfriend.

Drunk, Molly shows up at Jared's apartment. Jared is dismissive, but lets her sleep on his couch, wastebasket nearby.

Issa tries to head out with everyone else when the session ends, but Daniel tells her to stick around for a drink. He encourages Issa to get in the booth and rap.

The two have an honest conversation about what went wrong with their relationship. Daniel admits he may not have been ready for commitment then. "What if I'm ready now?" he asks, and kisses her. Issa pulls away, but then lets herself be swept up in the moment and has sex with Daniel in the studio.

In the bathroom afterwards, Issa smiles to herself, until she sees a lotion pump on the counter. Back in reality, she grabs her clothes and sneaks out without waking Daniel.