Real as F**k
Insecure | Season 1 | Episode 7

Real as F**k

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Prentice Penny
Directed by Kevin Bray

Molly helps Issa pick out a dress for the We Got Y'all fundraiser. Issa is amped up about doing a good job, refashioning herself from "Miss No F**ks," to "Miss Give-All-The-F**ks."

On a break at work, Molly runs into an old college friend, Crystal who mentions she's seeing a therapist to work on herself.

Although nervous that morning, Lawrence nails his job interview and is offered a position on the spot. Issa is thrilled for him, but surprised when he debates turning down the offer to focus on his own app. She convinces him it's too good an opportunity to pass up.

We Got Y'all sets up for their fundraiser at a fancy house in Baldwin Hills, and Molly comes early to help Issa. Molly brings up Crystal and is put off when Issa suggests seeing a therapist might be a good idea for her.

The students are impressed by the house, and the event is a success. Kelli and Tiffany and her husband also attend with checks in hand. Still irritated with Issa, Molly complains throughout the evening.

In conversation with a potential donor, Issa notices Daniel arrive. Running interference for Issa, Molly approaches him. "Let's just make sure we keep it about the kids," she says pointedly.

Unable to bear his presence, Issa tells Daniel he needs to leave. He accuses her of treating him like some random guy that doesn't matter. "You were just an itch that I needed to scratch," she admits. Unbeknownst to either of them, Lawrence watches the interaction. Outside, he asks Daniel what his connection to the non-profit group is. "I don't have one anymore," Daniel says before leaving.

Justin, the kids' teacher, flirts with Molly, but she rebuffs him. Issa is annoyed by her attitude, and the two go at it. Molly tells Issa she doesn't deserve Lawrence, and Issa asks if Molly's angry that she can actually hold on to a guy.

Molly shows up at Jared's, and says all the wrong things about realizing she needs to compromise and give up on perfection. He closes the door on her.

Dayniece and the other kids give Issa a special thank you speech during the event. While packing up, Issa's boss tells her she's doing a great job – it's the Issa she's been waiting to see.

Ready to celebrate, Issa is caught off guard when she arrives home and Lawrence asks about Daniel. Her silence confirms his fears. She tries to talk to him, but, completely irate, Lawrence grabs his keys and walks out.