Thirsty as F**k
Insecure | Season 1 | Episode 4

Thirsty as F**k

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Laura Kittrell
Directed by Kevin Bray

Lawrence takes an early morning jog, passing the old couch on his way back to the apartment. Issa invites him into the shower, but the moment is more awkward than sexy when they factor in water temperature and positioning.

Issa and Lawrence have fun shopping for a new couch. Watching a middle-aged couple argue over a lotion pump, Issa asks if that's what they sounded like in Rite Aid. "Just so you know," she says, "I will always let you buy a lotion pump." Lawrence plays along, "You know how long I've been waiting for you to say that?" and kisses her.

Molly has another great date with a doctor, Michael, but doesn't notice things shift when she mentions she expected more texts from him. Molly shrugs off their break up since she already has another League date lined up.

Daniel shows up at We Got Y'all looking for Issa. He apologizes for what happened after the open mic, and she lets him know she's back with Lawrence. Issa calls Molly and points out Daniel showed up just as she and Lawrence are in a good place. "He did look good though," she mutters.

Rasheeda continues to be her boisterous self at the office and Molly is put in an awkward position when one of the firm's partners asks her to speak to Rasheeda. On her date that evening, Molly vents about being treated like a "black translator."

While finishing their final prep for a Career Day event, Frieda and Issa bond over drinks and their mutual dislike of certain co-workers. Frieda tells Issa they still need a professional from the arts, and suggests she ask Daniel.

Lawrence is disheartened when he's moved from computers to washers and dryers at work. Lawrence bumps into Tasha on a break and mentions an app he's been trying to develop. She tells him he needs to "keep hustling" and the two have lunch together.

Molly tells Hannah she thinks it'd be better if a partner had the discussion with Rasheeda. On her way to Issa's Career Day, she guiltily passes by as all the partners descend on the intern.

At Career Day, Daniel teaches the students about music and mentions Issa's open mic success. Daniel tells Issa to let him know if she'd ever like to drop by the studio. In the school's bathroom mirror, Issa imagines talking to a shirtless Daniel about being her "What If" guy. The fantasy is interrupted when Molly walks in asking why Daniel is there. "Daniel knows I'm with Lawrence," Issa says. "Do you?" Molly asks.

Issa overhears the students watching a video on their phones at the end of the day. They start to sing "Broken Pu**y" and she realizes the video is of her.