Broken as F**k
Insecure | Season 1 | Episode 8

Broken as F**k

TV-MA | 32 MIN

Written by Issa Rae
Directed by Melina Matsoukas

After three days of not hearing from Lawrence, Issa leaves him another apologetic voicemail asking him to call her back.

Lawrence is interrupted at work by a "delivery" -- Issa dropping off some toiletries for him. She asks for a chance to fix things, but he tells her he's done.

Issa calls Molly, expecting her to be over their fight. Attempting to plow through the awkwardness, she asks if Molly is still attending Kelli's birthday trip to Malibu. Molly says she is, but fakes a reason to get off the phone and hangs up.

Carpooling to Malibu with Tiffany and Kelli, Issa tries again to connect with Molly, who isn't having it. At a club that night, Kelli dares the ladies to be on their "worst behavior," and Issa questions Molly's choice to take a young guy home. The next morning, Molly shows her guest out, tossing Issa a look. Issa has breakfast with Kelli and starts to talk about Lawrence, but decides not to mention the break up. She meets up with Molly and Tiffany at a wine tasting.

Lawrence, deciding he's sick of being sad, tells Chad to round up the guys for a night out. They head to a strip club, tossing singles while discussing women. Lawrence asks one woman for a lap dance. He enjoys himself, thinking the stripper might genuinely be interested in hooking up, until he realizes she's just looking for more money.

The girls soak in a hot tub while Kelli continues her dares. Molly says the "new her" is embracing what she wants and up for anything. Tiffany and Kelli tease that attitude has always been Molly's, she's just "sabotaging her life on purpose" now. Getting defensive on Molly's behalf, Issa snaps at the women, inspiring Tiffany to reveal the breakup with Lawrence to Kelli and Molly. Seeing she's missed a call from Lawrence, Issa hops out of the tub.

Issa calls Lawrence back. She mentions being away for the weekend, offering the apartment to him if he's tired of sleeping on Chad's couch. Lawrence, still put off by being at the strip club, tells Issa he misses her. "Maybe we should talk when you get home," he says. Lawrence goes to the apartment, dropping his bag on the floor.

Finally feeling hopeful, Issa tells the girls she needs to go home, but Kelli and Tiffany are too drunk to drive her. Molly surprises her by offering to make the trip. Issa apologizes for hurting Molly, and Molly admits that Issa may have been right about Molly being a mess.