Guilty as F**k
Insecure | Season 1 | Episode 6

Guilty as F**k

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Amy Aniobi
Directed by Debbie Allen

Imagining Lawrence's reaction, Issa decides not to tell him that she cheated with Daniel. Instead, she goes home to find out Lawrence called a guy he used to work with and had the Broken Pu**y video taken down. Issa cries and says how much she loves him. Before bed, Lawrence tries to have sex, but Issa, feeling guilty and unable to stop picturing what happened with Daniel, isn't in the mood.

Waking up on Jared's couch, Molly admits she messed up and apologizes. Jared asks about her plans for the day; they wind up having sex in his kitchen.

Issa surprises Lawrence with breakfast and suggests they have a date night. At work she is distracted by texts from Daniel. Issa ignores the messages and suggests We Got Y'all holds their next fundraising event somewhere near Inglewood to show the kids "there's beauty in their own back yard."

Molly calls Issa to say she's done with The League app. She gleefully admits she slept with Jared and is cooking dinner for them. Shortly after Jared arrives, they have sex again -- this time in Molly's kitchen.

After seeing a movie, Lawrence suggests he and Issa stop in a jewelry store. Lawrence places a diamond ring on Issa's finger; "You like that?" he asks. Flashing back to Daniel, Issa panics and walks out.

Getting to know one another over dinner, Molly has fun spilling her dirt and hearing some of Jared's stories -- until he mentions he once hooked up with a guy.

Molly brings up Jared's past with her girlfriends. Tiffany is adamant Jared must be gay, but Kelli and Issa comment on the double standard that a black man can't experiment with his sexuality. The group sits through a terrible play featuring Kelli's cousin.

Frieda and Issa check out locations for the fundraiser. Lawrence calls to tell Issa he's gotten a job interview and thanks her for being supportive. Stressed out, Issa loses it on a parking enforcement officer writing her a ticket.

Molly tries to let go of what Jared told her, but ultimately decides she can't see him anymore. Dejected, she vents to Issa about what a mess she is, prompting Issa to confess to sleeping with Daniel. Issa maintains she's not going to do it again, so Molly advises Issa "just move on," and not tell Lawrence.

Issa gets home to find Lawrence rehearsing for his interview in the bathroom mirror. She kisses him passionately, finally allowing herself to sleep with him. In the middle of the night, Lawrence gets up to use the bathroom and trips over Issa's cellphone. He sees a text from Daniel asking: "So we really not talking?"