Money, Power, Private School
How to Make It in America | Season 2 | Episode 3

Money, Power, Private School

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Vince Calandra
Directed by Julian Farino

Sitting at a café with Ben, Julie seems distant as Ben shares the news that he just secured a meeting with Nancy Frankenburg. While waiting for the subway, she asks Ben where their relationship is going, and he tells her not to wait for him. Later, Rachel gives Ben a Louis Vuitton trunk she found at a Paris flea market. Though he's grateful, Ben makes it very clear that he'd like to remain platonic friends, but nothing more.

Cam has lunch at Lulu's and makes a good impression on her father Felix, a famous artist. Felix shares with him the importance of a good stove, and Cam decides he needs to make more money. After making a lucrative drop-off with a wealthy housewife on the Upper East Side, Cam asks Domingo if he can step out on his own. Though he hasn't made much yet, he finally achieves his dream of getting his own place with a view of the river, even if it's in the projects.

Rachel, stressed out after Ben makes his feelings towards her clear, calls up Domingo to drop off some weed. After sampling the goods together, they make out in the elevator and go back to her apartment. They wake up the next morning, and though Rachel is awkward at first, she quickly warms up to Domingo.

Rene plans the Rasta Monsta viral stunt with Wilfredo skating through fire. Debbie's impressed with all Rene's done and invites her daughter, Nilda, to the event. When the moment comes, a well-dressed protestor interrupts the stunt, calling it "a minstrel show." Wilfredo goes after him, brandishing a flaming shirt, and the ramp catches fire. The entire mishap is caught on film. Rene, depressed that the stunt is a failure, goes back to the Rasta Monsta Escalade where he discovers Wilfredo and Nilda fooling around in the back seat. He agrees not to tell her mom, and the next morning, Nilda is especially helpful at breakfast.

Ben and Cam meet with Nancy, who wants them to design a graduation shirt for her son's middle school, for free. Cam's reluctant, but Ben agrees to turn around something quickly, to get in with Nancy. When Crisp meets with the school's design committee - two hyper-fashionable 13-year-olds named Louis and Tavi - they're not taken with Ben's design. Leaving the school, Cam has a flash of inspiration. The new design, emblazoned with the slogan "Rich Kids Run Ish," is a hit. Nancy likes what she sees, in the work and its designer, and tells Crisp she'll have something for them next week.