I'm Good
How To Make It In America | Season 2 | Episode 1

I'm Good

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Ian Edelman & Rob Weiss
Directed by Julian Farino

Ben and Cam take in the scene in Tokyo, where their t-shirts have been blowing up. They buy up as many soft hooded sweatshirts as they can carry and sneak them back through customs in New York City. Lulu D reneges on her offer to place the new Crisp sweatshirts in her boutique's storefront, as she's promised the space to two gritty designers who call themselves the Neanderthals. Trying to give their brand a unique edge, Ben and Cam plan a Japanese-style fetish themed pop-up shop with Kappo and Domingo's help. On the day of the shop, they invite the Neanderthals, and Ben shares a blunt with them. When the train back to Manhattan stops in its tracks, a stoned Ben freaks out and climbs out the back of the subway car. At the shop, Rachel makes her return from Africa and meets Julie, Ben's new girlfriend. Rene brings his new girlfriend Debbie to the event, where he's set up a presence for his burgeoning Rasta Monsta business. One of Rene's men brings a gun, which he accidentally discharges into his own leg. When Ben and Cam finally arrive, the shop's been shut down. A sales rep named Andy Sussman comes by and introduces himself to them. Kappo reveals that they've sold 55 sweatshirts - it's a start.