Tequila Sunrise
Entourage | Season 7 | Episode 4

Tequila Sunrise

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by Adam Davidson

At breakfast, Drama worries about meeting John Stamos who is due to arrive at the mansion. Vince urges Eric to read Randall Wallace's "Air-Walker" script which he likes a lot. E is surprised: "You never read anything I give you that fast."

While prepping for his lunchtime meeting with LA's billionaires, Ari spots Lizzie packing up. Lizzie warns Ari she'll get back at him for his treatment of her.

E reads the script and realizes it is good. He tries to praise Scott, but gets annoyed when he learns Scott already set up meetings about "Air-Walker." Scott taunts him for feeling threatened. When E seeks Sloan's advice, she reminds him, "You can't control who Vince is friends with."

Johnny awkwardly interacts with John Stamos whose mood changes once he sees a ping pong table in the backyard. Drama steps up to play a dismissive Stamos -- and handily defeats him. Stamos stomps off without discussing the series.

In Mexico with Alex, Turtle refuses to ride in a car with her gun-toting friend Carlos. Carlos promises their talk will be about tequila.

Phil Yagoda tells Drama it was a mistake to embarrass the super-competitive Stamos. Since the network is sold on Stamos, Johnny will need to get him back on board.

Eric and Scott bury the hatchet. Scott apologizes for being a dick: He resented Eric's success and connection to Murray. The two team up, realizing they're the ones working while Murray's off playing.

Enjoying Carlos' Avion tequila, Turtle finds out he's been brought in because of his connection to Vince. Angry about being used, he leaves, but Alex convinces him to stay. Still, she refuses to sleep with him.

After successfully wining and dining the town's richest men, Ari's celebration is cut short when Andrew Klein calls with news: Lizzie has a big backer and they're going after TMA's clients.

Drama goes to Stamos' ping pong club to try and win him back. Stamos offers to do the show if Drama beats him. The two face off in a furious match, and
Stamos wins, 11-6. Despite Drama's loss, Stamos promises to read the script. Drama confides to the guys he threw the game.

Vince, Johnny, Scott and Stamos all head to Las Vegas. E stays behind-- he has an appointment with his wedding planner.