Tequila and Coke
Entourage (LWM) | Season 7 | Episode 7

Tequila and Coke

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin & Ally Musika
Directed by David Nutter

Billy rebuffs a girl who's interested to hear he's a director. Heading upstairs to rest, he spots Vince doing a line of coke with Scott and Sasha. Eric calls the house to remind Turtle that Vince needs to be ready for tomorrow's studio meeting.

Unsettled by Lizzie's threat, Ari calls Anna Fowler at Deadline Hollywood, only to learn she has nothing on him. Sensing an opportunity, he seeks out Lizzie, who has actually quit Amanda's. The two make peace: Ari will find Lizzie a studio job; she'll turn over the tapes.

With news about Avión spreading around town, Turtle brokers an exclusive deal with a liquor store in exchange for priority placement; he only needs to provide 50 cases for sale. An unhappy Carlos calls Turtle to tell him his job was to get Vince involved, not to move cases.

E calls Vince to remind him about the meeting, waking him. Billy senses that Vince isn't right, and suggests he grabs some coffee before heading out. At the meeting, Vince is noticeably twitchy.

Billy pitches his show idea to Drama and Eric – an animated series about a high-strung gorilla, voiced by Drama, 'Johnny's Bananas.' Drama is furious he's been reduced to a cartoon monkey but Eric is intrigued.

Scrambling to fulfill his promise to the liquor store, Turtle calls everyone he gave cases to. With 40 of them back in his hands, he is able to keep the store's patrons happy. When TMZ shoots the lines snaking out the door, Turtle gets them to run the footage in exchange for a tip later about Vince's whereabouts.

Ari and Dana Gordon make a deal -- she'll give Lizzie a job; if Lenny Kravitz does one of her movies. Their celebration is spoiled by news from Randall Wallace – he thinks Vince is on coke. Eric is surprised to hear the accusation when Ari relays it to him. Billy advises E to call Vince.

Lenny Kravitz refuses to take the part – it's clear the director just wants to sleep with him – putting Ari's deal with Dana in jeopardy. Disappointed that he doesn't have a job for her yet, Lizzie still agrees to hand over the tapes. Moments later, Barbara Miller breaks the news to Ari: the contents of the recordings are online. Ari's phones begin ringing nonstop and Jerry Jones immediately severs NFL's ties to him.

En route up the coast with Sasha, Vince calls Eric and denies he was on coke. "You totally just lied to him," says Sasha.