Bottoms Up
Entourage (LWM) | Season 7 | Episode 5

Bottoms Up

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by
Dan Attias

Vince chats up a woman at the club while the guys watch – it's Sasha Grey, the porn star turned actress. When conversation turns to anal sex, the guys encourage Eric to try it before he's married.

Ari works out his anger about Lizzie while having sex with his wife, which only makes Mrs. Ari angry.
Sasha makes pancakes for Vince and Turtle, who serves them Avion tequila. Vince likes the tequila, and encouraged, Turtle makes plans to talk to E about Vince promoting the product.

Bob Saget ambushes E at the office: He's pissed Eric has been ignoring him – and that it was Stamos who sent him the script. He plans to do the show, and possibly, fire Eric. Sloan calls mid-meeting – she's worried Eric has googled "anal sex."

Anxious to protect his clients from Lizzie, Ari chats up Mike Tyson who wants to do his own series. To win back Jessica Simpson, he and Lloyd present her with a new dog to replace the one that died a year ago. Jessica refuses the gesture but Lloyd falls in love with the poodle.
Eric gives Drama the news that Saget is partnering with Stamos. Distraught, Drama confronts Saget who reveals Roger Jay sent the script to everyone – it wasn't written specifically for Drama.

When Turtle tries to sell him on the tequila idea for Vince, E says no.

Buzzed from the tequila, Vince and Sasha meet with Randall Wallace and Stan Lee to discuss "Air-Walker." Later, Randall Wallace complains that Vince showed up drunk and with a porn star.

Andrew Sorkin is unresponsive to Ari's hustle – he prefers Lizzie. When Jessica Simpson arrives at the office wanting the dog, she hits it off with Sorkin. Ari gets the two to commit to TMA, and Simpson gets the poodle, to Lloyd's dismay.

E tells Drama that the network is sold on Saget and Stamos.

Ari and Mrs. Ari's reconciliation is interrupted by a phone call from Amanda Davis. Amanda warns Ari she'll help Lizzie take him down -- Lizzie's been keeping a journal.
Eric and Sloan try anal sex and decide against it. Vince calls a still-recovering Eric to say he's backing Turtle's tequila idea.