Entourage | Season 7 | Episode 2


TV-MA | 26 MIN

Written by Ally Musika
Directed by Tucker Gates

At breakfast with Eric and Drama, Turtle's credit card is declined. When he calls AmEx, he learns there is a $10,000 charge - and he immediately suspects Alex.

While driving to the Valley with Mrs. Ari to look at a chandelier, Ari gets a last-minute meeting with Jerry Jones to discuss selling the NFL's TV rights. He abandons Mrs. Ari mid-trip.

Vince opts for a do-it-yourself haircut, and surprises everyone with his new look. Vince assures Eric that Cassavetes has already locked the movie, but a new problem arises when he says the movie "might suck" during an interview with Access Hollywood. Unable to stop Maria Menounos from running the quote, Shauna calls Ari for help.
Eric agrees to help Drama find a script and finds himself buried in reading material.

When Alex comes to pick up her last check, Turtle confronts her about a $10,000 charge at Tiffany's. She reminds him that she bought his mom a gift there at his request - but only for $1000. Clearing it up with Tiffany's, Turtle tries to apologize to Alex.

Drama and Vince are photographed leaving a strip club. At Eric's office to read scripts with Drama, Vince gets distracted by an article about trying new things. Wandering off, he runs into Scott Lavin. Drama signs Eric as his manager.

Ari is focused on his NFL pitch and forgets to call Maria. Lizzie Grant joins him in his NFL meeting and the two dazzle the team owners. The organization decides to keep their TV sale internal, but the league wants Ari to bring football back to L.A. Mrs. Ari walks in as Ari gives Lizzie a celebratory spin, and is unhappy when she learns Lizzie is the one who broke up Andrew Klein's marriage.

A furious Cassavetes calls Ari: He doesn't care about the quote - Vince never checked with him about his hair. Ari and Eric get on the phone with Vince, but Vince can't talk - he and Scott are about to jump out of a plane.