Lose Yourself
Entourage (LWM) | Season 7 | Episode 10

Lose Yourself

TV-MA | 32 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by David Nutter

Drama paces, fearing the worst: Vince never came home. Waiting expectantly for Vince to appear at his kid's Little League game, Ari quarrels with his wife about the scene he caused at the restaurant. John Cleese advises Ari to cancel the surprise party he's throwing her; the tension is too palpable.

Turtle scrambles to raise $20 million to outmaneuver Mark Cuban's Avión buyout. He calls everyone he's ever met, with no takers.

Eric instructs Drama not to romance his assistant. Scott approaches E with news: Vince showed up at his place last night in search of drugs.

Vince appears at Sasha's shoot for 'The Cumback.' He insists he meet her ex, and it turns out he's also named Vince. Vince (Chase) gives Sasha an ultimatum -- quit the movie or they're through. Sasha holds her ground.

Drama rallies everyone to the mansion for an intervention. Ari leaves work early to smooth things over with his wife and finds his sister-in-law Marci in town to comfort her. Offering to settle her debts and pay for her kids' schooling, he gets Marci to coordinate Mrs. Ari's arrival at the surprise party, where Christina Aguilera will sing her favorite song.

Waiting for Vince, Scott reveals to E that he's
planning a coup, and he's rallied the firm behind him. The intervention fails miserably when no one can tell Vince how his addiction has adversely affected them. Vince accuses E of only caring about his paycheck and storms off: "I know you all need me, but I'll call if I need you." He checks into the Roosevelt Hotel and begins doing lines.

Turtle appeals to Cuban directly: The success of Avión is rooted in Carlos' passion for it. Persuaded, Cuban agrees to the $5 million investment with no strings.

E meets Terrence McQuewick for lunch and is thrown when he's asked to sign a pre-nup. Sloan insists she knew nothing about it, but still resentful, E tells Scott he's on board with the coup.

Ari's guests and Christina Aguilera wait for Mrs. Ari's arrival. Despite Ari's plans, Marci enters alone, having revealed the surprise to her sister. Mrs. Ari calls and tells a stunned Ari she needs a break from their marriage.

Vince crashes a party Eminem is throwing at the hotel. Hitting on all the women, he offends Minka Kelly. Drama is unable to persuade him to leave, and when security arrives to escort them out, Vince taunts Eminem and starts a fight.

The whole crew gathers at the hospital. Bruised and bloody, there's no way that Vince can make his camera test for Peter Berg. He tries to leave, but is stopped by a cop who has questions about the coke they found.