Entourage | Season 7 | Episode 1


TV-MA | 26 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by Doug Ellin

Now operating a car service staffed by hot drivers, Turtle has trouble with one girl, Alex, who is continually getting lost. Although the guys tell Turtle to fire her, he hasn't.

Director Nick Cassavetes presses Vince to do his own stunt for a chase scene. E and Ari try to undo Vince's promise by tipping off the studio to Cassavetes' plan, but Nick talks Vince into ignoring the studio's safety concerns.

When Ari demands his agents present him with new challenges, the mailroom boy comes up with one: The NFL is selling their TV rights. Ari instantly promotes the kid and tells the rest of his staff to get him a meeting with the NFL.

Phil Yagoda has bad news for Drama: He only has eight weeks left on his holding deal. Drama insists that Lloyd and Ari put together a team to read scripts for him, and is crushed to learn new shows are being made by the network - just not starring him.

Turtle goes to LAX to help Alex who has lost her car. She confides to him that she's a mess because her parents are divorcing. While comforting her, Turtle goes in for a kiss. Offended, Alex quits.

Ari goes to the mansion to talk Vince out of doing the stunt. But when Vince senses skepticism from the guys, Vince refuses to change his mind.

On set, Cassavetes shows Ari a copy of Variety - featuring an ad with Ari dressed in drag from his frat days. With Nick shooting from the passenger seat, Vince does his stunt, crashing into a part of the set. Vince emerges from the fiery wreckage, ready to go again.